In Love

Sam, Ciara, Megan, Alyssa, and Bella all love one direction. They are at the mall when Megan bumps into Zayn Malik from one direction and they start to talk and Megan and her sisters end up staying at Zayns and Nialls flat when all the guys are there too so what'll happen will Louis Niall Liam Zayn and Harry fall for the girls or will they not even be able to stand them. Read it to find out


9. Cousins

Alyssa's pov
The house is clean, the rooms are set up, and the food is ready now all we need is to get ready. I went to my room and put on some miss me jeans, a purple tank top switch a purple Hollister shirt my hair was in a side pony. I went downstairs to see if anyone else was ready but I was the only one ready. A couple mins passed when Sam came down in Hollister skinny jeans, a blue Hollister strapless shirt her hair curled, next down was Megan and Bella. Megan was in blue jeans from American eagle, a black tank top and a jumper Zayn gave her, Megan's hair was straitened like always. Bella was in Lou's signature outfit a blue and white stripped shirt and red pants her hair was in a regular ponytail. Ciara was the last one down she was in black skinny jeans and an orange shirt with HS on it (stands for Harry Styles) Ciara's hair was in a side fishtail. Ten mins later our cousins Russell, Eric and Derek got here with their girlfriends "Hi guys." I said "Hey Alyssa, Sam, Megan, Bella, and Ciara." Derek said "These are our girlfriends." Russell said and there in front of us were Pfeiffer, Jordan, and Jenna. "WHAT!! These are your cousins?" Pfeiffer yelled "you guys hated them. What happened?" I asked "Well umm I didn't hate them I lied so now Russell is my boyfriend." Pfeiffer said "and Eric is mine." Jordan said "Hey guys." Jenna said "Hi Jenna." Sam said "Look I'm sorry for what happened yesterday." "It's fine Jenna we forgive you. How'd you get over Zayn so fast?" "Derek was really nice to me and we were talking and he kissed me so we became a couple." "Oh ok." Sam said "so how long are you guys staying?" Bella asked "oh we only came for a visit." Eric said "Oh." Bella said "Well we better go. We have stuff we got to do." Russell said "Oh ok." I said. We all said bye and they left "Well our cousins suck." I said "Don't say that." Sam said "Ok." What a waist of time I thought. It is almost midnight "We should go to bed." Megan said "Ok nite." I said "Nite." Bella and Megan said "G' night." Sam and Ciara said. With that I went to my room and went to bed.
~ Sorry it took so long I was so nervous about my meet but I'm good now~ Sam
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