In Love

Sam, Ciara, Megan, Alyssa, and Bella all love one direction. They are at the mall when Megan bumps into Zayn Malik from one direction and they start to talk and Megan and her sisters end up staying at Zayns and Nialls flat when all the guys are there too so what'll happen will Louis Niall Liam Zayn and Harry fall for the girls or will they not even be able to stand them. Read it to find out


15. Bella's date

Bella's p.o.v I woke up in Louis' room and Louis was just laying on the bed with his arms around me. I knew he was awake because he kept saying "Bella, are you up yet?" And I said "Yes Lou. I'm up."  "Yay! Now come on I'm going to take you to your house and at around 7 I'm going to pick you up for our date ok?" "Oh that's tonight?" "Yes it's tonight." "Oh ok." I said and we got up and he took me home. We said goodbye and I went inside and Louis left. "GUYS BELLAS HOME!!!" Ciara yelled. "OMG BELLA GET SOME SHORTS ON WE ARE GOING SHOPPING!!" Sam yelled 

"Ugh fine." I said as I went up to my room to change. I put on some shorts with lace on the pocket, a blue jacket and my blue TOMs and went down stairs.

"Ok, ready everyone in the car." Sam said and everyone got in.
----at the mall----
We got to the mall and it was packed but it didn't matter.
"Um Megan who is sam on the phone with?" I asked
"Oh idk." She replied
"Ok guys to Dillard's." Sam said after she got off the phone and we went to Dillard's.
"Ok we need a fancy dress for Bella." Sam said when we got to the dresses.
"Why?" I asked
"Just trust me Bella. Ok so Ciara go to the blue, Alyssa to the pink, Megan to the purple and I'll stay with Bella and she can pick some out so umm two each now disperse." And they all went to there colors and me and Sam went to look at some of the ones I wanted to try on. Like 5 mins later we came back to the dressing rooms and I went in with Sam.
Ciara's were first:
Dress one~ it was blue knee length with sparkles and it was strapless (I didn't like the way it looked on me)~ we went out to show the girls and they all said it looked pretty just not on me so we put it back.
Dress two~ it was royal blue high low with sequence on it and it was spaghetti strap (it was ugly sorry)~ we went out and they all agreed with me so we put it back. Next was Alyssa's dresses:
Dress one~ it was Rose pink high low that's strapless (it was ok)~ we went out and everyone was like OMG Bella is beautiful so we put that one is a maybe
Dress two~ it was bubble gum pink knee length that's one shoulder (I liked it)~ we went out and everyone said it was pretty but my skin tone didn't sit well with it so we put that one back. Next Megan's dresses:
Dress one~ it was purple but it had blue in it so it was mixed and it was a knee length and it was a halter (I loved it)~ everyone agreed with me so it was a maybe
Dress two~ it was bright purple down to my ankles and it was strapless (I didn't like it at all)~ the girls thought it was perfect but I didn't like it so we put it back. Next were mine:
Dress one~ it was a cream orange that was knee length and strapless (I wanted it)~ the girls thought I looked beautiful so it's a maybe
Dress two~ it was light green that was sparkly high low that was strapless (it was pretty like really really pretty)~ they all said that it wasn't pretty so we put it back. So one of Alyssa's, Megan's and mine I didn't know which one to get so I took pics of the dresses and sent them to Pfeiffer
B -Which one Pfeiffer?-
P -Umm I really like the orange one-
B -Ok thanks-
P -Welcome-
B -Bye-
P -Bye-
With that I bought the orange one. We went to get some shoes I got some cream colored heels.
"OMG it's already 5 we got to go like now." Sam and Ciara said at the same time. So we went home to get me ready.
-----at home-----
Sam did my makeup and Ciara did my hair
~makeup~ Sam did a natural look on me she put nude lipstick on which I didn't like.
~hair~ Ciara curled my hair not slightly but really tight curls and then she put a orange flower clip in my hair.
"Ok now out so I can get dressed, Sam u stay and help." I said
"Ok." Sam said and Ciara left.
---20 mins later---
We were waiting in the living room for Louis to get here. Then there was a knock on the door so Alyssa got up and opened the door.
"Louis you take forever gosh." She said
"Well I'm sorry I didn't know what to wear." He replied "Is Bella ready?"
"Yes Lou she's ready. Bella get yo butt over here your date is here." Alyssa said so I got up and said goodbye to the girls and went to the door.
"Hi Louis you look good." I said
"Hey Bella you look....umm perfect." He said which made me blush.
"Ready to go?"
"Yes. Bye Alyssa." And we left.
---at the restaurant---
"OMG Lou this looks really expensive." I said
"It's ok Bella I got it." He said
"Are you sure?"
"Yes Bella but if you don't want to go here then we can go somewhere else." He said
"I think that would be best because I get expensive things." I said
"Ok then. Hmmm oh I know." He said and we got in his car and we went somewhere.
"This is where I go with the girls who I'm in love with." He said
"Oh so you have taken many girls here?" I asked
"No just you. My mom took me here when I was little and told me to take the girl of my dreams here and only here. So here you are." He replied
"What... I-I'm the girl of your dreams?" I asked in shock
"Yes." He said and leaned in for a hug. When we pulled away he leaned in and kissed me. It was short but sweet.
"Ok let's go home it's already midnight." He said
"Oh ok." I was a little sad but we went to my flat. When we got there he walked me to the door and said
"Goodnight my beautiful Bella."
"Goodnight Lou." I said but before I could enter the house Louis said
"Wait Bella umm.... Do you want to be my girlfriend?" He was blushing aw that's cute
"Omg of course louis I'd love to." He kissed me again and then I went inside, changed, put everything up and went to bed without the girls knowing.

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