Paris with...One Direction

A girl named Ella Johnson and her father went to paris for a small vacation but what happens when she bumps into one direction will drama love come between this relationship


6. Your cheating on me

Kendall walked in and saw me hugging Louis and thought I was cheating on him
Kendall : can you explain why your hugging him

Ella:Kendall I can explain

Kendall: sure you can. We were dating for almost 3 years and she's cheating on me with some dude Ella came out and gave me a reasonable explaination and I forgave her I just can't say no to her she's adorable and cute. I gave her a huge hug and that's when that dude came out and he didn't look happy or sad he looked mad soon enough he was about to chase me.

Ella:I was hugging Kendall and that's when louis came out looking pretty mad he was about to chase kendall when I got in front of Kendall and backed him up" look Louis I know your mad but you can't hurt my relationship with Kendall but do you think we can be friends though"

Louis: okay I forgave Ella from then on I wasn't so jealous of them any more I think I can handle them dating now but I still had little peices of me saying that I should not lock up my feelings anymore I couldn't wait till tommorow to try to tell Ella how I really felt about her
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