Paris with...One Direction

A girl named Ella Johnson and her father went to paris for a small vacation but what happens when she bumps into one direction will drama love come between this relationship


5. Who Is He

Ella's pov

I can't believe I saw my boyfriend here in England. I missed him so much,his name was kendall and he was from a band, and tv show Big Time Rush. From the corner of my eye I could see Liam." hey Liam what are you doing here I thought you were post to be practicing with the guys" "I'm here to just like get my mind off things"

Liam's pov

Who was that guy I walked away and texted louis,I knew he would be upset even angry. When I got home I couldn't find Louis any where I guess he was in his room crying his eyes out's. I went up to his room and my answer was correct. "I thought she actually liked me" "sshhh buddy I had feelings for her too and I'm still okay" I just now realized what I just said and thought I was going to get punched straight in the face."you likes her" "yyeess" "I wil kill you come here you little rascal" right now I was being chased around the flat by Louis screaming and the boys trying to calm him down"I'm sorry I chased you around the flat Liam " "it's okay Louis " I heard a knock on the door and telling them to come in but it was Ella.

Ella pov
I came in and saw Louis crying."Louis whats wrong" " you don't love me" "Louis I like you as a friend because I already have a boyfriend thought" "yeeaah Kendall cause he has his tv shows and he has a singing carrier" I gave Liam a mean stare and he just mouthed sorry. Then the door opened and....
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