Paris with...One Direction

A girl named Ella Johnson and her father went to paris for a small vacation but what happens when she bumps into one direction will drama love come between this relationship


3. Wanna go?

When I woke up I must've been sleeping for 2 hours now but after that my phone rang: unknown number. I picked up the phone and answer it "hello" " hello Ella me and my friends are going to the carnival wanna come" "mmmh sure " " okay we'll came pick you up bye" I went to go change into something else so I chose my hello kitty shirt that was attached to a jacket and some pajama jeans. *knock knock* I opened the door and Louis was there. "ready to go" "ready" when we were walking down the hallway my dad texted me "where are you Ella! :|" " I'm just with a friend" " well the good thing is that you made a friend you need to come back here right now I have some important news right now!" I put my phone away "Louis I have to go my dad wants me" "o-okay" "sorry" I ran back to my room and saw my dad on the bed "so Ella we are going to go to...ENGLAND!!!" "YAAAAY wait why" "because I got a new job and were going to live there too!" great I thought I made 1 new friend and this is what happens I thought. " Are we going now" "no were going tommorow". I ran out the door to find louis and he was right next to the door. "so what was the problem" " tommorow were leaving to go to England " "YES so we can see each other" "what do you mean" "tommorow were going to England too come on we need to do all the things I planned before we go" he took me by the arm and we jumped in the car. When we arrived at the carnival it started to get dark and so Louis took me to a ring toss and there was a cute heart he wanted to give he only had to give 1$ and he put all the rings on the pole and I got the heart. After that we went on some ride called rock-n-roll that was the scariest rides we ever rode because there are these cars your post to get in and it started to go around really fast and rock a little and it went backwards that was so scary after that Louise drove me home and I gave him a kiss on the cheek. I went back to my room and fell asleep with the pillow in my hands. I think I like him
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