Paris with...One Direction

A girl named Ella Johnson and her father went to paris for a small vacation but what happens when she bumps into one direction will drama love come between this relationship


2. One Direction... In Paris

I walked back to the hotel room and took off my bathing suit but kept my shorts and shirt on I put on my silver sandels and got my brown coach bag. I went out the door with my room key in my pocket. I drove to the mall and decided to go to the movies but thats where I saw those boys again but this time they were not being chased by a bunch of girls. Since I don't like one direction at school I'm being called a DIRECTIONATOR. It really doesn't bother me though. One of them were coming my way. "hey I never got your name what is it" "it's Ella" I was trying to go but he kept blocking my way. "I'm Louis,Louis Tommlinson" "well Mr.Tommlinson can you please move" "not till I get your number and nice manner" "thank you and no because I'm not a big fan of your music and you better run" "why" I pointed to the herd of screaming girls. He took me by my hand and we ran behind the mall."so let me explain you hate one direction" " if their called DIRECTIONATORS then yes" he wrote down his number on a peice of paper and told me to call him sometime so we can meet up I put his number in my phone just incase. When I left the mall two girls came up to me and asked me was I the girl that was with Louis tomlinson "yes why" "because we want you to stay off our man and if you go near him one more time you'll regreat it" " whoa aren't you guys 13 and 12 " the girls didn't answer my question and walked away. I drove home and jumped on my bed and took a small nap
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