Paris with...One Direction

A girl named Ella Johnson and her father went to paris for a small vacation but what happens when she bumps into one direction will drama love come between this relationship


8. Can you come over

Ella pov

*on the phone with Louis*
Me:hey Louis I was wondering if you want to come over?

Louis:sure I'll be over in 20 minutes.


I was still in my pj's so I put on a Minnie mouse shirt that said AS IF,blue shorts and black vans. I couldn't wait till Louis came over. I got a little bored so I started playing on my Xbox 360 and played left 4 dead 2. When I was in the middle of the game the door bell rang and it was Louis.

Louis pov

She looked so cute in her Minnie shirt

Ella:come in!

Me:thank you so can I talk to you

Ella: sure

Me: so Ella we've been friends for a while now and I wanna know will you be my girlfriend!


Ella pov

He looked sort of shocked when I said no but when I said of course he was realeved I gave him a short kiss on the lips

Me:hey do you wanna play a game

Louis:sure what do you have

Me: I have l4d2,call of duty,saints row,and crack down2



After a while when we were done playing he sat me on his lap and we talked for a while and then we had a few laughs and then we had a long passionate kiss but then he said he had to go home
I couldn't wait till tommorow it is going to be the most amazing day ever
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