Paris with...One Direction

A girl named Ella Johnson and her father went to paris for a small vacation but what happens when she bumps into one direction will drama love come between this relationship


9. Birthday!!! :)

Today is the most amazing day of my life... IT'S MY BIRTHDAY!! I knew Louis knew because I told him about me and I told him my birthday was May 15,1992.i can't believe I'm turning 20 today. I put on a cute bralet that was black,small leather black skirt,and black heels. I sound so goth right now but I don't care. I opened the door and saw a botique of flowers and it had a note attached to it. It read:dear Ella I hope you have a magical day love Liam. I am a little surprised Liam remembered it. I went upstairs and got my phone and txted Liam thank you for the flowers,then my girls danielle,perri,and elanor called me to tell me happy birthday and asked me do I want to go to the mall. I said yes and they picked me up,we went to all kinds of stores and bought tons of stuff. When we went inside I checked my txt and not one from Louis not even a voice mail. I went to Louis house and knocked on the door and zayn answerd the door." hey Ella" "hey zayn can I please talk to Louis " "sure and happy birthday" "thanks". At least he remembered, I went to Louis room and he was sleeping I woke him up by screaming

Louis pov
I woke up to Ella screaming at me.Ella what's wrong. Ella:do you even know what's today. Me:a sunday. Ella:yeah but today is important. Me: okay then I give up. Ella: I can't believe you it's my birthday

Ella pov

I ran home in tears I went to bed in tears and fell asleep
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