Screw Up

Lily is your normal 17 year old girl, who goes to London after graduation, not to study, but to have an adventure. And whilst on this adventure, she meets five wonderful friends but will the friendship with one of them advance a bit?


2. Meeting Up.

Harry's POV

~2 days later~

"Hello?" I asked as I answered my phone.

"Hi, Harry? It's Lily," I heard Lily say back.

"Oh hey Lily. I was waiting for you to call!" I said back, excitement in my voice. She just laughed and I blushed a little.

"So I was thinking maybe we could hang out today? Like all of you, you know?" She asked. I was a bit disappointed that she didn't want to hang out, just the two of us but maybe she was a fan and wanted to get to know the other boys too.

"Yeah that'd be great! It's a nice day too, so we could really just walk around," I said trying to sound like a kid in a candy shop.

"Can't wait. Where and when do you want to meet?" I thought for a bit before a good idea came to me.

"How about 1:00 at the London Eye! Have you been there yet?" I asked, praying she hadn't.

"That sounds amazing. No I haven't but I'll see you then. Bye!" she said before hanging up. I sighed and a grin pulled at my lips. I rolled over to check the clock. 11:53.

"Shit!" I whispered to myself before getting out of bed and running into the bathroom. I showered and got out and got ready and by then it was 12:30. I called the boys and told them to meet me there now, which they did.

I ran over to the boys who were standing, looking bored and they lit up as they saw me coming.

"Where have you been? It's 1:10!" Louis yelled as I stopped in front of them.

"Sorry, I ran late," I apologized, out of breath. Just as I turned around to scout out the crowd of people, I saw Lily and her friend from yesterday walking towards us, smiles on their faces.

"Hey guys!" she said happily, "I'm Lily and this is Ellie," she said and her friend smiled.

"Oh we've heard about you-" Louis started to say before I clamped my hand over his mouth. Luckily they just laughed and I released my hand that covered most of his face and he shot me a glare. 

"It's nice to meet you, girls," Liam said politely. The girls and boys all were introduced before we got to go anywhere.

"Do you guys want to go on the ginormous Ferris wheel behind us yet?" I asked, pointing to the giant ride. They all nodded and we got in the line, which wasn't very long, surprisingly. Once we got into a pod, there were only about 5 other people in there with us, which unlike all other times was very few. We went around, stopping a few times and then got off.

"That was amazing," Lily said and I laughed, "I'm usually pretty scared of heights but that - that was wonderful," she continued.

"Where do we want to go next?" Niall asked.

"Want to go to the wax museum?" Liam replied back.

"Wait...the Madame Tussauds wax museum? I WANT TO GO THERE!" Lily yelled, jumping up and down a bit. Everyone laughed and we were on our way.

~5 hours later~

We had done almost everything appealing to Lily in the city today. Now it was almost 7:00 and we were all hungry. 

"I'm hungry. Do you guys just want to go to Chipotle?" I asked, motioning to the restaurant across the road. We agreed and went in to eat. Once we were finished, it was getting late and dark and Lily and Ellie said they needed to get home.


"See you girls later!" all the boys yelled as Lily, Ellie and Harry exited the car. They waved back and we started up to Ellie's door. She opened it and went inside and Lily started to follow. I grabbed her wrist and she spun around.

"Yes, Harry?" she said hesitantly. Then, without any self control, I leaned in and kissed her. She pulled away quickly though and I was just as shocked as her.

"Harry," she started.

"No, leave it, I'm sorry. I shouldn't have been so impulsive," I apologized before turning around and heading back to the cab. As I opened the door and got in, I could see her still standing there, shocked. I looked away, embarrassed as hell at what I had just done.


A/N: Sorry it's still a bit slow but I think the next chapter will be a little more interesting...I think. Thank you for all the nice comments(: xxLilyxx

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