Screw Up

Lily is your normal 17 year old girl, who goes to London after graduation, not to study, but to have an adventure. And whilst on this adventure, she meets five wonderful friends but will the friendship with one of them advance a bit?


3. Been A While.

Lily's POV

The boys and I had been close friends for a couple of months now. I was especially close to Niall and Zayn because they let me talk about anything and everything with them. Harry and I had drifted a bit. He was pretty caught up with his new girlfriend, Taylor, who hated all the boys AND me with a burning passion. I returned the favor though, shooting her looks and such every time we all hung out. Now, all the boys, their girlfriends and I were hanging out at Louis place. It was a bit awkward because I wasn't a girlfriend, but I had grown really close to all of them, especially Perrie. Not Taylor though. I didn't even count her as a girlfriend. I had other names that came to mind. We were all just sitting, having small talk, when suddenly Niall got up to say something.

"You guys hungry?" he asked. Most of us nodded in agreement, but Taylor sat there like a lump. She was probably on another "no eating splurge" like most of the time. 

"Want to go to Fridays? I haven't been there in ages!" Liam chimed in. The was a wave of sure's and we all piled out to the cars. 

Me, Harry, Liam, Dani, Perrie, Zayn and Taylor climbed into Harry's car, while Louis, Eleanor and Niall got into Louis'. 

We pulled out and soon, a bunch of conversations began. Harry was driving while Zayn sat in the passenger seat. Dani, Taylor and I sat in the middle and Zayn and Perrie were in the back. Unfortunately, I had to sit in the middle of the two girls. 

"So, Dani, erm... how's your career going?" I asked, awkwardly, knowing how it was though. Danielle and I were really close too, but I knew she could tell that I was just trying to avoid the rat that was on my right. 

"Erm yeah, it's going pretty well. Yours?" she responded. I smiled a bit, thankful that she kept the conversation going. 

"Yeah, no mines great so far!" I responded maybe a bit to enthusiastically. I worked at Topshop as a cashier and "clothes girl" I guess you could say. Nothing fancy, but I was earning money which is what mattered. I heard Taylor let out a little snicker from beside me. "Can I help you?" I said turning towards her.

"Well, it's just, you're working at a store. Nothing can be to 'GREAT' about that. A real thrill is getting to go around the world, doing what you love and getting paid stacks for it," she said really bitchy.

"Well I like my job perfectly fine. It may not make me a billionaire but it has what I need. And I don't know how you make so much for having the 'talent' you have," I replied being just as bitchy as her. I didn't notice that all the other conversations around us had come to a stop. Harry was looking at us through the rear view mirror and Liam was looking awkwardly out the window. 

"What was that, Lily?" Harry asked, his fists clenching on his wheel, knuckles turning white. I swallowed and a bright blush spread to my face. I always blushed when I was scared or embarrassed. And right now it was a mix of both. Harry had always been really protective of everyone he loved and when he got angry, he got angry. I shrunk back into my seat scared of what was coming next. "You can make fun of me and be a bitch to me, hell, you could even punch me and I wouldn't give a shit but don't EVER make fun of her. You can get out now and walk the fuck home. I won't give a shit about you if that's how you fucking treat people as sweet and perfect as her," Harry started to say before Liam calmed him down.

"Harry, calm down, she's just as innocent as Taylor," he said. Then the conversations ended. The car was dead silent. I was still close to tears. I couldn't believe Harry would say that. I thought we were friends.


Boy was I wrong.




A/N: Sorry for anyone who likes Haylor or Taylor but I don't so I had to make her like this! And it fits for the rest of the story. LOVE YOU LOTS<3 xxLilyxx

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