Something Called, Love

When 17 year old Andy Parker meets teen popstar Niall Horan you can instantly see the love in their eyes. Andy doesn't yet recognize the love she's feeling at first because she's never loved anyone and no one has ever loved her. As time goes by Andy starts to love Niall. They have the perfect relationship but with just that one day it could either break their love or make it grow.


5. The Friendly Date



Andy's POV


Time sure does go by pretty fast. It was already 12:30 and I had about another 20 minutes before I had to leave and meet Niall at the mall for our little friendly date. I already took a shower, got dressed, and did my hair. I was wearing a baby blue high waisted skirt that went about 3 inches above my knee with a white lace tank top tucked in and a brown belt. For my shoes I had brown combat boots and my hair was in a very neat sock bun with a baby blue bow on the bottom of my sock bun. I didn't wear any make up because I don't really think I need it and plus I don't like it.


You'd think that for just a friendly date that I dressed up too fancy but too me I didn't. I pretty much dress like this every day unless I'm too lazy to get all dolled up. Not to sound like a snob or anything but I like to impress people with my girly side. I just want to make a good impression. I always try to hide away my real personality. The lonely and broken girl. Yeah, my life sucks.


Anyway I decided to leave now since it was 12:55 and I didn't want to be late. I grabbed my small brown shoulder bag and my car keys and left. I gotta admit I was pretty nervous about today and I didn't know why.


I reached the mall and started walking towards the spot Niall told me to meet him. I was a few minutes late because there was quite a bit of traffic today.

I found Niall waiting at the exact spot he told us to meet at. His back was facing me. "Hey," I said and poked his back. He jumped and turned around to look at me.


"Sorry, did I scare you," I said.


"Yeah kinda" he said.




"Its fine" he said, "You came."


"What do you mean?"


"Well I thought since you were late that you weren't coming, but you did."


"Oh well sorry for making you think I wasn't coming. There was a bit of traffic that I got stuck in."


"Alrighty then lets set out on our adventure now Andy. Shall we?"


"We shall" I replied back.


Niall's POV


Andy looked really beautiful. It took all of my power to not just stare at her so I just looked straight ahead. For our friendly date I decided to just take her to Starbucks because I thought that it would be a great place for us to talk and get to know each other better.


We walked around for about 5 more minutes in silence until we reached Starbucks. It wasn't an awkward silence, it was a comfortable one.


"We're going to Starbucks?” she asked me.


"Yeah. I just thought that this would be a good place to talk.”



"Good, because it'd be nice to just talk and I am in love with Starbucks.” She emphasized the “in love” part. I smiled knowing that I picked the right place. She ran ahead of me into the line to order drinks. Andy started jumping and waving her arms around motioning for me to come over to the line with her. I just chuckled at her actions and started walking towards Andy. Once I got to where Andy was we reached the front of the line.


"Um, I'll have the. . . Vanilla bean please,” Andy said.


"I'll just take a medium hot chocolate,” I said. Andy looked at me.


"Alright that'll be $12.55 sir,” the girl at the register that looked to be around 16 said. I wonder why she called me sir?


"Don't worry I got it,” said Andy and she started to get her wallet out of her purse.


"No no I got it don't worry.” I gave the girl a 20 and told her to keep the change. I grabbed mine and Andy's drinks and as I was about to leave the girl at the register said,


"Wait, um I'm a really big fan so can I get an autograph.''


"Yeah sure.” She gave me her name and a pen and paper and I signed my name.


"Are you two dating?” Jennifer, the girl at the register, asked.



"No, we're just two friends hanging out,” Andy said.


"Well that's a shame cause you two would make a really cute couple.”


Jennifer seemed like a really nice person and wasn't giving Andy death glares like most girls do when I'm hanging out with other girls. I asked Jennifer for her twitter so I could follow her because she was one fan that I didn't want to forget. Not because I like her. No way. I still like Andy. I just didn't want to forget Jennifer because its fans like her that make me and the boys proud of our girlfriends or at least their girlfriends.


I grabbed Andy's arm seeing that she looked bored just standing there and started running. I wasn't running fast because I wanted to make sure Andy could keep up and so we didn't spill our drinks. Andy started screaming and yelling at me, asking where we were going but all I told her was that it was a surprise.


When all of the boys were out with their girlfriends about a week ago I decided to explore. Then in the back of the mall where there was a forest I started walking and I found this really old house that had a garden and a lake beside it. I started fixing it up a bit to make the house look better and more stable. I was the only one that knew about this beautiful place. So that's where I'm taking Andy. I think she'll really love it.

By now we were about to go into the forest. I looked at Andy and she looked tired. She was panting, sweating a little, and sitting on the ground drinking her drink.


"You tired,” I asked.


"What does it look like. You caught me off guard by just grabbing me and running for a long time,” She said as she panted, “Where are we even going?”


"That is for you to wait and see. Now come hop on my back, I'm giving you a piggy back ride.” I crouched down so she could jump on my back. When she did I held onto her thighs and she wrapped her arms around my neck


"Off we go,” she yelled and slapped my bum. I burst out laughing and so did she and I started walking.


As I was walking I looked up at her to see how she was doing and she was staring at the forest. I could see in her eyes that she was enjoying the view. The forest was beautiful but I really think she'll be excited once we reach our destination which is up ahead.


I set Andy down and she just looked at me. I pointed to where there was a whole bunch of sunlight and started running. She followed. Once we got there her jaw dropped and she gasped. She started looking all around her in amazement and excitement or at least that's what I was thought.


"Wow this place is beyond beautiful. How did you find it,” she asked excitedly.


"Well about a week ago I got really bored and started wandering around until I found this place.”


"Lucky you. How many people know about this place?”


"Well just you and me.”



"Aww I feel so special.” she blushed a deep red. I felt like saying that she was special but I didn't want to make it awkward between


"How about I give you a tour of this place?” I said. She gladly accepted.


I showed her the garden, the lake, and the inside of the house. Surprisingly the house still had furniture in it. We walked back to the lake and sat at the edge of the dock by the lake. We just stared at the beautiful surroundings.


"Wanna play 20 questions?” I asked.


"Sure” she said.


"Okay but I'm only asking you questions,” I said.


"Any siblings?,” I asked.




"Favorite color”


"Hmm, baby blue”


"Favorite music artist”


"Ed Sheeran




"Drawing and painting”


"Favorite food”


"Any type of pasta”


"Favorite restaurant”




"Do you always dress up like this?”


"Most of the time I do”




"I like to dress to impress”


"Okay enough with the questions I'm getting bored.” I said.


"Yeah me too.”


We stayed there for about god knows how many hours just telling stories and getting to know each other more before we left. Andy hopped on my back again and I started walking. It was already dark out side. Before we left we both took a look at the place. Andy took a picture and we left. I looked up at Andy and saw she was looking at me but she turned her head away.


"What is it? Did I do something wrong?” I asked.


"No no you didn't. I had a really fun time but its just that I lied about something and I don't know if you'll be mad at me,” Andy said sounding a bit sad.


"Well then what is it.”


"I don't have a boyfriend. I lied.” She looked at me as if to see an angry look on my face but I was just smiling like crazy.


"Why would I be mad about that.” I said.


"I don't know. Now stop laughing at me.”


"Okay ok.”



Author's Note:

Hi!!!! Its been a super long time since I've updated and I'm really really really sorry. I hope you guys liked this chapter at least. I'm not the smartest pea in the pod so I've had to work twice as much and my teachers have been giving me extra homework for more practice. I'm also in a lot of clubs and stuff so I don't really get much time. I promise that the next chapter will come earlier than a like 5 weeks. Plus its my birthday so I though what the heck might as well update.




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