Something Called, Love

When 17 year old Andy Parker meets teen popstar Niall Horan you can instantly see the love in their eyes. Andy doesn't yet recognize the love she's feeling at first because she's never loved anyone and no one has ever loved her. As time goes by Andy starts to love Niall. They have the perfect relationship but with just that one day it could either break their love or make it grow.


1. Prologue

Niall's POV

 I know what I have to do. I have to make Andy Parker feel loved again. I will love her with all 

my heart and I will make her see how much she really loves me. She's my everything but she can't see it. I can 

see that she loves me in her eyes, yet she chooses to ignore the feeling. I don't know if I can just stay best 

friends. It kills me everyday knowing I can't call her mine and that I can't just kiss her whenever and

wherever, so that's why I have my mission.


Authors Note:

I'm really excited about this story. I had another story up but took it down so now I have this one. It's winter break so I can update on this story a lot. YAYY!!! The beginning of this story will be boring but it'll get more interesting as you read the book. Okay that's all I have to say so Peace!!!!



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