Something Called, Love

When 17 year old Andy Parker meets teen popstar Niall Horan you can instantly see the love in their eyes. Andy doesn't yet recognize the love she's feeling at first because she's never loved anyone and no one has ever loved her. As time goes by Andy starts to love Niall. They have the perfect relationship but with just that one day it could either break their love or make it grow.


4. Just thinking

Niall's POV


After I talked to the boys about my friendly date with Andy they agreed. I thought they would be against me. I thought that because she had a boyfriend they would think that it wouldn't be a good idea to hang out with her. Boy was wrong. They just thought it was good that I had a friend and that it was a girl. 

The rest of the day went by pretty fast. Which I was very thankful for. The boys, their girlfriends and I all watched movies all day. I couldn't really pay attention to the movies because I was way too excited for my friendly date with Andy. Maybe a little too excited but who cares.

That night I went to sleep early so the night would go by faster. I couldn't sleep. All I could think about was tomorrow. What if I screw it all up? What if she doesn't like me as a friend? There were so many things going on in my brain. As I was thinking I slowly started to drift off into a sleep at around 2 am I think.


Andy's POV


After I bumped into Niall and talked to him I immediately left the mall. I couldn't take any chances of running into him again or my so called friends. Now its night time and I'm just laying down in my bed thinking. I had missed dinner because I wasn't really that hungry and I really just can't stand my parents. They could care less.

You might think that just sitting around your room and thinking is pretty boring but for me, this is practically the only time I get to think, alone. Usually my "friends'' are always at my house hanging out at my place or as I like to say, my friends are usually hanging out at my place to get money. So this time I have alone is very precious to me.

I started to walk around my room looking at all of my things. I gently touched each item I had from my childhood that was on my desk. Back then I actually felt loved. On the end of my desk I spotted a picture frame. It was of me and Nick, my childhood bestfriend. He was the reason I felt loved back then. Man, we had some really good times.

As I started thinking about Nick more, I also thought about how I don't have any real friends, then I started to think about my date with Niall. Well, friendly date. Maybe he isn't some stuck up popstar. Maybe we could actually be friends but nothing more. He seemed pretty interested in me at the mall. Maybe I shouldn't of lied to him. I have to admit while I was talking to him I felt like I needed him. I felt dazed around him or it could just be the possibility that I was just starstruck. I don't know what the feeling was so I just want to push it away. Maybe I'll actually have fun with him tomorrow. I guess I'll have to see tomorrow.


Author's Note:

Wow its been a long time since I've updated. Sorry about the long wait for the update. I think my teachers are purposely giving me loads of homework.

This is a really short chapter I know I know. I just thought I'd at least give all of my beautiful readers something. A  really short chapter is better than nothing. Am I right or am I right. Haha

Just wanna ask have any of you seen the show Once Upon A time. I'm like obsessed with that show. Its so good. In my spare time I've been watching it.

One last thing. If you find this story to be kinda weird its okay. I just like to write how I like to write. Its my own style and I just write what comes to mind. Okay thats all. Byeee!!!!


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