Something Called, Love

When 17 year old Andy Parker meets teen popstar Niall Horan you can instantly see the love in their eyes. Andy doesn't yet recognize the love she's feeling at first because she's never loved anyone and no one has ever loved her. As time goes by Andy starts to love Niall. They have the perfect relationship but with just that one day it could either break their love or make it grow.


6. Chapter 6



(Sorry for not putting a chapter name. I couldn't think of one.)


Andy's POV


Yesterday with Niall was really fun. I didn't think I would enjoy it as much as I did. Anyway its 11:30 am right now and for the past few hours I've been texting Niall. You might ask how I'm texting him if I don't have a phone. Niall got me one. I totally refused but he went and bought it anyway and I'm kinda glad he did. I'm glad Niall's my friend. I thought he would be some selfish conceded jerk but he turned out to be this nice, fun, and carefree guy.


We made plans so that we could spend the day together at my house. He's supposed to come in around 2 hours which gives me enough time to get ready. He would've come now but he had interview to go to. So now I should probably get ready.


Have you ever had that feeling when you know you have to take a shower because you stink, but you don't want to because it feels like too much work but once you start taking a shower you never want to leave. I've had that feeling all the time. I get off my bed and walk towards my bathroom. I close the door behind me and lock it incase anyone tries to walk in on me. I turn on the shower and start to strip down and get in the shower. Once I get into the shower I immediately regret it as the freezing cold water hits my body.


“Holy crap this waters cold,” I yelled. I quickly get out of the shower, wrap a towel around my body, and wait for the water to warm up. Once it does I step back in the shower. I waited a couple more minutes just standing there letting the water hit my back before I put some of my mango shampoo and conditioner in my hair and started washing up.


After I was done rinsing the soap and shampoo out of my hair I go out of the shower. Showers are really great places for thinking aren't they? I wrapped a towel around my body and walked over to my walk in closet to pick out what to wear today. Hhmmm.... what should I wear? After a few minutes of thinking I decided on wearing light pink shorts, a floral printed tank top that had huge bows on the back and showed most of my back, brown sandals, aviator sunglasses even though I was inside, and did a french braid on my head and with the extra hair I did a fishtail braid, putting a cute pink little bow in my hair. I didn't even bother putting any make up on. I'm just letting my natural beauty shine.


By the time I got done I had about another 10 minutes before Niall got here so I went downstairs to watch some TV. Yay my parents are down here. (note the sarcasm!)


“Hey mum, dad.” I said very blankly and I walked over to the table and sat down.

“Good afternoon darling,” my dad said. I like my dad more because he actually puts a little effort in me thinking he loves me whereas my mom never shows any sign that she's trying.


“Well I was wondering if I could have a friend over today.” I asked my dad.


“When?” he asked. He didn't even look up at me or take one little glance at me.


“In about 5 minutes.” Oh wow now he looks at me for like the first time in a week.


“Fine just don't bother me and your mother while we're working.”


“Yay thank you thank you thank you,” I cheered. Usually my parents never let me have friends over so I was really relieved. Just as I finished all my cheering, thanking, and happy dancing the doorbell rang. He's early by like a few minutes. A few minutes might not mean a lot to you but to me it means everything. I walked over to the door and opened it with a huge grin on my face.


“Hey Niall” I said very excitedly.


“Someone’s been eager to see me.” He smirked as I smacked him on the arm.


“Oww that actually hurt,” he said while rubbing his arm.


“Oh shut up and take it like a man,” I said smirking. Now who’s the one smirking, Niall. I thought to myself. Wow I really need to stop talking to myself.


“You talk to yourself,” Niall chuckled. He just walked right in my house without me letting him in.


“Whoops didn’t mean to say that out loud,” I whispered. I could feel my cheeks burning up.


“Don’t worry, I talk to myself all the time,” he said. I grabbed his hand, and no not like the coupley relationship type hand grabbing, and dragged him all the way up the stairs and into my room. And by being my clumsy self, while going up the stairs I accidentally tripped but Niall caught me don’t worry. I’m not physically hurt or damaged. Once we got up to my room I plopped down on my bed and Niall sat on one of my chairs that hung from the ceiling. Pretty cool right!!!


“You have a pretty big house you know that right. It’s almost as big as mine and the boys’ house,” Niall exclaimed.

“Yeah I know.”


“Not to make your family sound poor or like thieves or anything, but how can your parents afford this big of a house and nice things.”


“Well both of my parents are pretty big and successful lawyers so they make a lot of money.”


“Oh,” was all Niall said. What a genius answer. I laughed quietly enough so that Niall couldn’t hear. Wow I laugh at my own jokes. I’m bored.


“I’m bored,” me and Niall said at the same time. We both looked at each other smiling like idiots and then started laughing like crazy. Aha, we could go to the amusement park that’s takes like 10 minutes of walking to get there.


“Sure lets go,” Niall said.


“Did I say that out loud again?” I asked.


“Yeah.” We got up from where I was laying and Niall was sitting and went downstairs. I quickly introduced Niall to my parents, told them we were leaving, and left. We didn’t have to put our shoes on because they were already on. Yup that’s right, my house is the type of house where you can either leave your shoes on or off in the house. As we were walking we were just pointing at random things, talking about random things, and singing and dancing random things. Yeah we’re are 2 crazy peas in a pod like this one lady told us as we walked past her. It was so much fun with Niall. After all of our craziness we finally reached the amusement park. We walked up to the ticket booth. There were only 2 groups of people ahead of us. One a family, and another this teen couple that looked in love. Aww I hope to feel how they feel one day.


After all of my constant thinking we finally reached the ticket booth. To this young kinda cute looking guy working there. Maybe a little too young. 15 maybe???

“2 tickets please,” Niall said.


“I’ll pay,” I told Niall.


“No I will,” he protested.


“No” I protested.








“You know what Niall how about we make a deal. I’ll pay just this once and you can pay every other time we hang out and buy stuff okay,” I said.


“Alright” he huffed. I paid and it was only like 20 bucks. Once we walked inside the amusement park it was roaring with life. There were people dressed in costumes, a whole bunch of rollercoasters, games, kids running around, and it looked awesome!!!


“C’mon lets go. We’re wasting time” I said as I dragged Niall around with me. We rode a whole bunch of rollercoasters. I would scream most of the time on the rides while Niall just laughed though them. I swear something is seriously wrong with him. We got stopped 7 times because Niall was asked for pictures with him and autographs. Yes, I did keep count. I thought the girls would hate on me but they were really nice. I even took a picture with a girl too! We ate food. Well mostly candy. And played a ton of games. It was a blast.


The amusement park was about to close but there was still a lot of people here. Right now Niall is playing one of those games where you have a ball and you have to knock down whatever those things are called and if you knock them all down you get a prize.


“Woohoo Niall I know you can knock them down. You can do it. I know you’re better than that” I cheered as Niall threw his second ball but sadly missed now he only has only ball left to throw. I cheered some more as Niall threw his last ball and knocked all of the things down. I quickly hugged Niall in excitement.


“Quick, turn around. I don’t want you to see what I’m getting for you,” Niall said.


“Oh so it’s for me” I said while wiggling my eyebrows.


“Yes, now turn around” I did as he said and turned around. About a minute later Niall surprisingly threw me over his shoulder and started walking.


“Ughh Niall what are you doing? Put me down.” I yelled.


“No now just wait until I get to the spot that I want to go to” He yelled.


“I’m not getting out of this am I”


“Nope” I just waited and waited and waited while yelling at Niall to put me down. I don’t even know why I bothered trying. After what felt like forever Niall FINALLY put me down. I punched Niall really hard in the arm.


“Oww what was that for” he asked sounding like a 5 year old.


“For picking me up unexpectedly. Now are you going to give me my present?” I asked.


“Yes but first I just want you to know that we are in the middle of the amusement park.”


“Okay?” I questioned. He got down on one knee and pulled out a ring. I started smiling like crazy. It wasn’t a real ring. It was one of those plastic rings with the huge plastic diamond on it.


“Niall what are you doing” people started to surround us just staring and watching. Some even looking at us in aww.


“Just shut up and listen” he paused for a few moments and then started talking again.


“My dearest Andy. These past couple of days have been amazing and I’ll never forget them. I know we only met and are friends but I want to be more. So will you do the honor of being my best friend” he said. I just started cracking up.


“Yeah of course” I said and he slipped the ring on my finger to make us official best friends. The crowd started dying down and I even heard a couple people saying ‘I thought he was gonna propose’ or ‘what a waste of time watching that’ even an old couple say ‘aww that’s so sweet’. I wouldn’t be surprised if this made the magazine cover. Holy crap I could be on a magazine!


“Hello earth to Andy” Niall said while snapping his fingers in my face.


“Sorry just thinking”




“I could be in a magazine” I replied. He chuckled.


“It’s getting pretty late. We should probably leave” I said. He nodded and we started walking towards the exit. Once we got out of the amusement park and were heading towards my house Niall asked, “So how does it feel to be my bestfriend.”


“Like any other feeling, normal.”


“What!!!” he asked fakely shocked and put his hand on his heart.


“Well what am I supposed to say?”


“Amazing, great, fantastic. Those kinda things.”


“Fine. Being THE Niall Horan’s bestfriend is the most amazing, extravagant, and awesome feeling in the world” I said using hand movements and facial expressions.


“Better?” I asked.




We finally reached my house and I walked up to my door with Niall following me.


“If your free tomorrow you should come over to my place and meet the boys” Niall said.


“Boys as in Zayn Malik, Louis Tomlinson, Liam Payne, and Harry Styles.”




“Sure if you pick me up”


“Ugh you’re so lazy. Fine. Be ready at 10am.


“Okay bye Niall” I gave Niall a hug and waved him goodbye. I opened my, stepped inside, and quickly shut it while locking it and running up the stairs and into my room. I flopped down on my bed and screamed in my pillow. Today was THE BEST day of my whole entire life all thanks to Niall. But now I was super nervous because I had to meet his band mates that are also his four best guy friends. AAHHH!!! What am I going to do? I was lucky enough that Niall likes me. What if his band mates don’t?




Authors Note: Yayy another update. This took me so long to type. Hope y’all like it. On a word document this took up 6 whole pages. It took me forever to write this. I worked very hard on this chapter.

So now Andy and Niall are best friends. Hooray! Do you think the boy’s will like Andy? I hope they do. Next chapter comes in a week or less. I promise this time. I don’t really have much to say so Adios Amigos!!! Wait one more thing. I won’t always put a chapter name just sayin so don’t get mad at me if I don’t.

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