Something Called, Love

When 17 year old Andy Parker meets teen popstar Niall Horan you can instantly see the love in their eyes. Andy doesn't yet recognize the love she's feeling at first because she's never loved anyone and no one has ever loved her. As time goes by Andy starts to love Niall. They have the perfect relationship but with just that one day it could either break their love or make it grow.


3. At the Mall Part 2

Niall's POV


"That'll be $2.50 sir," the guy at the cash register said. I handed him a $20 bill and told him to keep the change. He handed me my coffee and I left. Right now I'm at the mall. Me and the boys all went to the mall to hang out and decided to split up. We all said we'd meet up at the cafeteria in about an hour for lunch. I hope that hour goes by fast goes I sure am hungry. But then again when am I not.

I took a sip of my coffee. I didn't really feel like shopping so I just started to walk around and think. Hopefully I don't get noticed by any fans. When the boys and I split up I was all alone. The boys were all with their girlfriends. Liam with Danielle, Louis with Eleanor, Zayn with Perrie, and Harry with Lexi. Me and Liam were supposed to go together but Dani surprised him by coming. Liam offered for me to go with them but I knew that they wanted to spend the time they have together alone. 

I looked at the time on my watch and it read 12:30. Wow time goes by when your thinking. I only had 30 minutes left so I decided to just keep walking around. I still had about half of my coffee and surprisingly it was still warm.

As I was walking I saw a girl and she was running. I wonder what she's running from? The girl was beautiful. I couldn't seem to take my eyes off of her. She had wavy brown hair and the ends were dip dyed pink and blue. She was wearing regular jean short shorts and a neon pink shirt. Even in the simplest clothes she still looked beautiful. It was like love at first sight I guess.

I noticed that she was getting closer and closer to me as she ran. She's probably just a fan wanting an autograph or picture. As the girl got closer and closer to me I thought she would slow down and stop but she didn't. The next thing I know I'm on the ground soaked in my coffee and the girl is sitting right next to me. I forgot all about myself cause I could think about were here beautiful emerald green eyes. I felt myself get lost in them until she spoke up and said, "Oh my gosh I am so so sorry. Here let me help you up." It took me a second to realize what she said because she stuck her arm out for me to grab. She helped me up and I told her, "Thanks." Wow, I should've said a little more that just thanks. Why am I so nervous around this girl? "Um I'm so sorry, look at your shirt. I made you spill your coffee all over yourself. Ughh I'm so clumsy. I'm so so sorry I could buy you another coffee and shirt. Why am I so stupid," she ranted on. She thought she was stupid. I doubt it. This incident was clearly an accident. I need to make her calm down. She seems really stressed about this. All she did was knock me down and spill all of my coffee on me. It really wasn't anything and she seems to be making this a big deal.

I tried to assure her that everything was okay by saying, "Hey hey hey your not stupid, it was an accident so don't worry about it. I can buy my own coffee and luckily my shirt is brown so it'll blend right in." I'm pretty sure after I said that it calmed her down a bit because she seemed more relaxed and said okay.

I looked down to see how bad the stain was on my shirt and it wasn't too bad I guess. When I looked up I saw the girl was walking away. I couldn't let her get away that easily. I at least needed to know her name. "Hey leaving so soon are ya," I said as I walked up to her, "Can I at least get the name of the beautiful girl in front of me?'' I thought, "Nice one Niall," to myself when I said that. As her reaction she slightly blushed. It was cute. "Andy, Andy Parker," she told me. Wow I've never met a girl with the name Andy. I thought that was pretty cool. "Well Andy my names Niall, Niall Horan." Once I told her my name she shifted around a little. At that point I knew she knew who I was. "Well it was nice meeting you Niall but I really have to get going," she said. I couldn't let her get away that easily. " Wait, can I ask you something real quick," I said. "Yeah" "Would you like to go out sometime?" Whew I finally got the question out. "Um I'm sorry but I have a boyfriend," she said. My heart broke. She has a boyfriend. I should've known a girl as beautiful as her surely would have a boyfriend. I still asked her if we could still hang out but just as friends. She said yes. I asked for her phone number but she didn't have a phone so I just told her to meet me here tomorrow at 1:00.

Andy left and I noticed on my watch that I had five minutes to meet the boys at the cafeteria. I knew that I had a lot of explaining to do considering how I look. I started walking to the cafeteria and made it with one minute to spare.


















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