Can We Feel The Same

Avaly has lived next to the obnoxious, flirty, annoying Harry Styles her whole life. She is finally relieved when he makes it to the big times. He's been gone for 2 years and she's beginning to miss him bugging her every morning before school, but when he comes home for the holidays will old feelings resurface?

Author~ i know this is kind of cliche but i never find love hate fanfics anymore so i thought i'd write my own.


4. The Old Park

Harry's P.O.V.~ I heard Niall's and Avaly's laughter from the dining room. trying to ignore it i watched the football game on the television. Not being able to focus i walked to the dining room and spied on them. I listened to Ava telling Niall about the time i made everyone believe she had Kitty Cat Pox. "This is no laughing matter!" I heard Avaly yell and i watched as she threw a spoon at him. 

Seeing the whole fight i noticed how Niall flirted with her. Did he not remember that i liked her? As soon as her mum intervened i stepped out of my hiding place and caught her eye. She glared then her face turned to confusion. I can't take this anymore, before i knew it i was outside in the cold headed to an old park down the street. 

When i got to the place it used to be, there was nothing left but a blank place full of dirt. Soon enough i heard footsteps behind me. "What the hell is wrong with you?!?" Avaly shouted at me. She looked so beautiful in the moonlight. "Nothing, you wouldn't understand." I turned away from her, facing the blank spot. She sighed.  "Fine then, be that way!" 

We stood in silence. "The parks gone..." I mumbled. "Yeah, they took it down right after you left for X-factor. Something about being dangerous." She explained. I sat down on the cold ground, with her following my lead. 

"Do you remember the time i filled your favorite purse with sand and you were so mad you threw the purse away." She giggled while i smiled at her. "Yeah and my mom was pissed as well. Also that one time when you found dog poop and you put it in my shoe. My mom wouldn't let me throw my sock away. I remember her exact words. 'The stain will come right out no need to waste a good sock.' I don't think the stain ever cam out no matter how many times i washed it." 

We both laughed. Those were good times. I looked at her and noticed she was shivering. In response i slid of my jacket and i wrapped around her shoulders. She looked at me with a surprised look on her face. Shrugging i stood up and offered her a hand. Once we were both standing we started back to her house. 

On the porch we both froze in front of the door. She handed my jacket back saying thank you. "This doesn't mean i don't still hate you." I nodded and let her walk in before taking one last look at the moon before going inside. 

Avaly's P.O.V.~

I followed Harry to the old park before i confronted him. "What the hell is wrong with you!?!" I yelled at him. He mumbled nothing then sat down. Sitting down next to him we sat in silence until he brought up the topic about the park. It's a shame they had to tear it down. We had so many memories here. Before i knew it we were talking about some of our favorites. 

After a while i started getting cold. I tried to hide my shivering but it didn't work as Harry put his jacket around me. Surprised i looked at him for an answer but then he shrugged and stood up bringing me with him and we started toward my house. Right before we went inside the i handed his jacket over and said, "This doesn't mean i don't hate you." before going inside. 

I heard laughter and voices telling stories in the dining room. Following the sound i found everyone sitting at the table eating. "I'm glad to see no one waited for us." My mum smiled. "We left a plate in the microwave for you." 

Sitting down at the table with my plate i grabbed the last roll from the basket. Not long after Harry was situated next to me. He smiled and i ignored him as always, but i couldn't help but start to feel something for him. No! Ava, you hate him, always have always will. 

Dinner continued and small talk was made but by the end of the night i was exhausted and everyone said there goodbyes. I was about to head upstairs when my mom gave Anne the bright idea that we should all hangout tomorrow too. Groaning silently i continued to listen. 

"I can't because i have some unfinished work to do before Christmas, but i'm sure Harry and the boys would love to tag along with you all in what ever you plan to do." My mom agreed and before she started up the stair i darted back to Lily's room unseen. 

"So what's going on between you and Harry?" Lily questioned me as soon as i stepped in the room. "Nothing out of the ordinary. I hate him he hates me. Same old same old." I said quickly as i slipped into my pajamas. "Well i think there's something more because tonight he was all googly eyed over you." She exclaimed excitedly as she hopped into bed. 

"Whatever, I think you need your eyes checked. Well i'm super tired so i'm going to sleep. Wake me up for breakfast, Goodnight." I turned off the lights and snuggled into the air mattress on her floor. Before i dozed off Lily mumbled, "I'm glad your back home, i've missed you." Smiling i said i missed her too and fell asleep.

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