Can We Feel The Same

Avaly has lived next to the obnoxious, flirty, annoying Harry Styles her whole life. She is finally relieved when he makes it to the big times. He's been gone for 2 years and she's beginning to miss him bugging her every morning before school, but when he comes home for the holidays will old feelings resurface?

Author~ i know this is kind of cliche but i never find love hate fanfics anymore so i thought i'd write my own.


6. The George & Dragons

Ava's P.O.V~

It took 30 minutes for the rest of the boys and Dawn to get done skating. I just sat in watched not wanting to try again, surprisingly Harry sat out with me too. We talked about our childhood and about all the times he's pulled a "prank" on me. By the time we left the rink my stomach started to growl.

"Anybody want to grab something to eat?" I asked hoping someone would agree so we had no choice but to get food. "Hell yeah i do! I'm starving!" Niall screamed and the rest of the boys agreed that the were hungry too. Quickly we decided on The George & Dragon, my favorite restaurant of all time. 

"A table for 7 please." I politely told the hostess. Her eyes widened as she recognized the 5 boys standing behind me. "You're One Direction!!! My little sister adores you. Would you mind taking a picture with me and autographing a napkin for me?" Annoyed i expected the boys to shrug her off but instead they said they'd be delighted to. Thrilled the hostess took out her phone and asked me to do the honors of the picture taking. 

Awkwardly i took the phone and quickly snapped a picture. "There you go, now can we get a table please." I exclaimed annoyed and hungry. The Hostess grabbed a couple of menus then ushered us to a table near the back. She gave me a dirty look before proceeding back to the front. 

"I don't like her." I said to no one in particular. Harry, who was sitting next to me giggled. "Calm down, she was just a fan and your just grumpy because you need food." That is true, i'm like my dad, if i don't have food in my belly i can be a real Medusa. 

Our waiter came by shortly and asked for drink orders. I of course ordered water because i had a diet to stick to. "So, boys what do you think of Holmes Chapel?" I asked curiously. Louis was the first to speak. "It's a splendly splendid place, and if my home town wasn't Doncaster, I'd want it to be Holmes Chapel." 

"You are such a suck up." I laughed and he did too as well because it was true. "How's Uni going for you, Ava?" Harry asked bringing him into the conversation. I sighed and folded my napkin. How can i tell him about my boring, do nothing life when he's out there living his dream? "Well, i'm passing all my classes and i'm still working in a bakery, you know just surviving life." Harry raised one eyebrow. 

"I remember when we used to work in a bakery together, oh good times." Leaning back i crossed my arms. "I hated working with you. Every time you were late i had to cover for you and when we had that huge order you knocked a whole shelf of cupcakes over and then blamed me. I had to work til midnight, and it was a school night!" 

Harry raised his hands up innocently. "It was not my fault that your huge bum knocked me into that shelf." My jaw dropped and Louis and Niall whooped. "How dare you! My bum is not that big, you lowlife pig!" I shouted at Harry in defense. A second later the waiter came back to our table with our drinks. 

"Have you decided on something to eat, maybe something to help that bum of yours?" The waiter asked while winking at me. Feeling my face burn and turn a bright shade of red i shifted in my seat. "What do you recommend?" I said trying to sound seductive, but instead i sounded mentally ill. The waiter came closer to me and brushed his arm against mine on his way to pointing out something on the menu.

"I think you'd like our Duo of Venison, its a specialty, but it is a little hot and spicy. Think you could take it." His breath hit my neck and i shivered. I didn't even know this guy but he had such an affect on me. Looking at his name tag i found out his name. Eric continued to look into my eyes with our bodies slightly touching. If home was good for something it would be that there's too many cute guys. 

"Have you seen me, I think i know how to handle hot." I said motioning to my body, which i was confident about because of my new healthy kick. Eric chuckled then opened his mouth when a throat was cleared. Snapping out of it i looked around the table to see who interrupted the moment i was having, of course it had to be Harry. 

"So, are you going to let everyone order, or sit there and seduce my helpless friend." Harry said fighting back the anger that was peaking through his face. Honestly, he looked really hot angry and was there a hint of jealous in his eyes. Smirking i decided to make him suffer. "So... Eric... maybe later me and you could maybe... hang out sometime?" I said casually to him while taking glances at Harry. 

Oh he was pissed alright. Eric agreed to me giving him my number then took everyone's order before leaving. "That guy was a pervert, he should be focused on his job not hooking up with his customers." Harry spat out. I raised one eyebrow. "Oh no! Is little Hazza jealous?" He huffed and took out his phone to pretend he wasn't paying attention. If that's how you want to play it, then bring it on!

Harry's P.O.V.~ 

I sat and watched as this Waiter guy flirted with Ava. He disgusted me, with his smirk and his good-lookingness. What made it worse, was that Avaly was flirting back. They continued to flirt and act all cutesy until i cleared my throat. "So,are you going to let everyone order, or sit there and seduce my helpless friend." I exclaimed fuming with anger and jealousy. 

Avaly noticed and i could see her evil grin before she even asked for the waiter's number. Why was she doing this to me? As soon as the waiter left i couldn't help but say, "That guy was pervert, he should be focusing on his job not hooking up with his customers." Ava raised an eyebrow. "Oh no! Is little Hazza jealous?" 

Huffing, i pulled out my phone to exit the conversation. I didn't need her childish games, but i did however keep stealing glances at her throughout the meal. 


When everyone had finished eating i payed the bill, then followed Ava out of the restaurant. Once into the fresh air i pulled her aside letting the boys and Dawn continue to the car. "Harry, what are you doi..." She didn't get to finish before i placed my lips on hers. I have no clue what came over me. Maybe it was the fact that she fell for that guy so quickly when i have been trying for years or maybe i just really wanted to taste her lips. 

The kiss didn't last long as she quickly took a step back. "What hell was that, are you trying to get slapped?" She said angrily. "You just don't get, I give up! Pretend that never happened cause i know you hated it." Fed up i turned to walk to the car hoping she'd stop me to kiss me again, but she didn't. 

The car ride as usual was silent, and i hoped out of the car as soon as we got to my house. I stormed into the house not stopping for anyone. In my room i punched the wall. "God damn it that hurt!" I cried out in pain. Ugh, what has Ava done to me?


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