Can We Feel The Same

Avaly has lived next to the obnoxious, flirty, annoying Harry Styles her whole life. She is finally relieved when he makes it to the big times. He's been gone for 2 years and she's beginning to miss him bugging her every morning before school, but when he comes home for the holidays will old feelings resurface?

Author~ i know this is kind of cliche but i never find love hate fanfics anymore so i thought i'd write my own.


5. Hate you Less


Avaly's P.O.V.~

"Ava, wake up mum made pancakes and bacon!" Lily yelled at me while trying to snatch my blanket. I refused to move from my extremely comfortable position. Turning over i let the blanket loose around my body giving Lily the perfect chance to pull it completely off of me. "Hey! Can i not just sleep in peace!" 

She shook her head. "Nope, mum wants family time. So, get up you lazy bum!" I groaned and rubbed my eyes before standing up to go to the bathroom. 5 minutes later a plate full of pancakes and bacon were in front of me. 

"Good morning Ava, how'd you sleep." My mum asked brightly. Someone was a morning person. "I slept well enough. Surprisingly that old air mattress is pretty comfortable." I replied groggily. Taking a bite of my bacon i listened to my mom ask Lily what were the plans today. 

"I was thinking of going to the mall with my friends to finish up my Christmas shopping."Mum agreed and said she'd give her some money. "Why don't you and the boys go with them to the mall." I grimaced at the thought. 

"No thanks i think i'll catch up with some old friends, we might go ice-skating." I said trying to avoid the inviting of Harry and his friends. Mum's eyes lit up. "That's perfect! You all can go ice-skating together. I'll go invite them, Anne will be thrilled to have them out of the house." Excitedly she stood up and went to retrieve her cell phone. 

A groan escaped my lips and i slouched lower in my chair. "Can you do something about this?" I asked my dad hoping he could stop my mother's madness. He shrugged. "Just see how it goes, darling, you might like their company." Ugh, i knew my dad was no help either. 

As soon as i finished my breakfast i was upstairs taking a shower and getting ready for the day.

All ready to go i called one of my best friend from high school, Dawn. "Hey dawn, long time no see! Well i was wondering if you'd like to go skating with me and some of my mom's friends today?" Instantly she replied, "Sounds fun, what time?" I told her in about an hour then hung up and went downstairs to wait. 

Harry's P.O.V.~

Me and the boys had just eaten breakfast when my mum walked into the kitchen. "Darlene called, she has invited you guys to go ice-skating with Ava, in about an hour or so." My heart jumped,ice-skating with Avaly, Is this a dream? We agreed then each of the boys went to go get ready, leaving me with my mum.

"You really like this girl, why haven't i noticed it before. I mean you can see it in your eyes." She ruffled my hair making me blush a shade of red. "I've always liked her but she doesn't feel the same way." It hurt me to say that but it was true. As much i would like her to feel the same way i feel about her, she doesn't. "Don't lose hope, love, she'll come around one of these days." 

After my talk with my mom i felt confident i could get her to like me this time. I just needed a game plan. 

An hour passed by and me and the boys headed over to Ava's house. I knocked three times then the door opened revealing a gorgeous Ava. "Woah!" I breathed out. She blushed and looked down at her feet. "So, whose car should we take?" We all agreed on her mom's because it was an SUV, big enough for all of us. 

Since Ava was driving i made a move to sit in the front seat, but she refused. "I'm picking up a friend, so it might be best if you sit in the back with the rest of the boys." I didn't protest, instead i climbed in next to Louis. 

10 minutes later we were in front of her friend's house. Dawn walked out and climbed in she looked back and locked eyes with me. "Oh, I didn't know Haz was coming. But hey nice to see you." This will be awkward considering we dated a month before school ended. Truthfully i didn't really like her i just tried to make Ava jealous. Of course it didn't work which resulted in me dumping Dawn and now she hates me as well. 

The car ride to the ice-skating rink was silent and awkward. I think everyone was relieved we when finally could get out of the car. We got to the booth where we would pay for the skates. Ava began to dig in her purse. "Let me pay, i insist." 

She tried to protest but it wouldn't let her. Ending the argument i quickly handed the guy the money and asked him for a size 10 and half. After everybody had their skates on we took the field or rink in this case.

I personally think i'm an excellent ice-skater, so i was easily passing kids an adults struggling to stay standing. Looking behind me i saw Liam catching up to me. He soon passed me but i didn't mind i was watching Ava gripping onto the wall while slowly making her way forward. I couldn't help but giggle.

Making my way over to her i tapped her on the shoulder. "Need some help?" She glared at me and kept inching along the wall. "Not from you Styles." She growled. I continued to follow her. "Take my hand and i can help you off the wall." I held out my hand but she refused to take it. "No thanks, i'd rather stay on the wall because the wall likes me and won't let me fall, and you'd probably trip me." 

Appalled i took a step back from her. "Me? I would do no such think. You have trust issues, but i promise you can trust me." She contemplated the thought for a few moments before grabbing a hold of my hand. Slowly i pulled her away from the wall. "See it's not so bad, is it?" 

Steadying herself she let go of my hand and started moving by herself. "Look at me, i'm a pro!" She exclaimed sarcastically. Laughing i skated by her so now i was in front skating backwards. "Show off!" I smirked as she glared at me. I decided to show off some of my favorite moves. 

Twirling i jumped and landed it perfectly watching her reaction. Nothing her face was emotionless, she looked annoyed almost. "Was that not good enough for you? Maybe you want to get in on the action!" I took her hand before she could pull her away and twirled her into me. "Harold Edward Styles, if you make me fall your dead!" 

She struggled in my grip. Focused on not letting her go i barely dodged a 4 year old, but it made me loose my balanced an i fell bringing Ava with me. We slid across the ice before coming to a stop when my head hit the wall of the rink. "Damn, you Harry!" She punched my chest as she layed on top of me. Her hair was all static and messy but her face was like an angel's. We looked into each others eyes and i swear i saw something. But the moment was ruined when she regained her normal self and stood up. 

"I'm done with skating for today." She said as she exited the rink. Instinct made me follow her out into the sitting area where i found her ripping off her skates, but she was having difficulty. "Here let me help."

I loosened the laces then easily slid it off her foot. She didn't say a word as i looked at the blister forming where the boot once was. Carefully i pulled the sock down to get a better look. She winced. "Your going to need a band-aid." I told her and stood up and made my way to the front desk to get one. 

When i returned she was staring out at the rink, watching Louis and dawn race each other. "Here, put your foot on my knee so i can doctor it up." She did as i said and soon her blister was all bandaged up. "Why are you being so nice to me?" I shrugged then took a seat next to her. 

"I don't know i guess i'm growing up." I told her, but i did know the reason, i care a lot for her i've just never known how to show her i do until now. "Well, i like this new version of Harry, i don't hate him as much as the old one." She bumped my shoulder. "I think that's the nicest thing you've ever said to me. I'm so touched." I put a hand on my heart and pretend to wipe away a tear.

She chuckled and this time i bumped her shoulder. 

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