Can We Feel The Same

Avaly has lived next to the obnoxious, flirty, annoying Harry Styles her whole life. She is finally relieved when he makes it to the big times. He's been gone for 2 years and she's beginning to miss him bugging her every morning before school, but when he comes home for the holidays will old feelings resurface?

Author~ i know this is kind of cliche but i never find love hate fanfics anymore so i thought i'd write my own.


7. An experiment

Avaly's P.O.V.~ 

I watched as Harry stormed into his house. Why was he so mad? It's not like he didn't know that i hated him. He kissed me at the restaurant, for christsakes! I bet he did it just to mess with my emotions, but then again he was an excellent kisser. 'No Ava, bad! You hate him!' I scolded myself. Even though deep, deep, deep inside i wanted him to kiss me again.

Sighing i was the last one out of the car. The rest of the boys went back to Harry's  house while Dawn went into mine. Following the sidewalk i reached the porch in a matter of seconds. The front door creaked open and my mum pounced on me as soon as i walked in. 

"How'd it go?" I rolled my eyes not wanting to think about it. "It went fine, but i'm tired so i think i'll head up to bed." Even though it was only 6 i was super tired, plus i wanted to be alone." My mum said okay then went back to the living-room. 

When i got to my sisters room i could her giggling. 'What the hell?' Cautiously i opened the bedroom door to reveal my sister making out with some guy on her bed. I quickly shielded my eyes and shrieked. "Lily!" Stumbling back out into the hall i shut the door and slumped up against the wall. This was just peachy, my sister was getting more action than i have ever gotten. 

Residing to my old bedroom, i sat down in my mother's rolling chair since it was the only place for comfort. It was now dark outside and i wasn't ready for sleep. I peered out the window hoping something would distract me. Looking straight out my window i saw Harry's room. He was sitting at a desk chair concentrating on writing. We really needed to talk, so my body took control and i opened my window. Luckily for me there was a tree that i could use to climb over with. 

Taking one foot after another i was standing in front of his window. I knocked twice and watched as he jumped at the noise then he recognized me. He walked over to the window and lifted it up. Not wanting to stand on the window sill in the cold i climbed into his room. Before i was fully into the room my foot got caught on the window ledge and i stumbled forward which made me crash into Harry. This wasn't the entrance i was expecting put i sort of liked the way Harry's arm was wrapped around my waist.

Snapping out of it i stood completely up and dusted my knees. "Hi." I said flatly avoiding his eyes. Harry shuffled his feet. "What exactly are you doing here?" At this i lifted my head to meet his eyes. "We need to talk. Why did you kiss me?" I asked getting everything out in the open. Harry's face reddened and he scratched the back of his neck. " was an experiment." I'm pretty sure my face crinkled in confusion, then to disappointment. "Oh, what were you experimenting?" 

His eyes held onto mine as he bit his lip. Without warning he took a hold of my arm an pulled me close to him, eliminating any distance between us. "Whether or not you felt the same about me as i do about you." I tried to struggle out of his grip, so i could get a better view on this, but he wasn't letting go. "And how do you feel about me?" Came out of my mouth in a whisper as i stopped struggling. 

"Isn't it obvious?" I shook my head no. Like before he pulled me in and this time i didn't fight back as he pressed his warm lips to mine. Explosions went through my body as i fell into the kiss. Harry deepened the kiss leaving me vulnerable to his touch. My hands worked my their way to his curly hair while his hands clutched onto my back. Growing tired of standing i pushed him to his bed. He lied back and pulled me on top of him. 

Hormones taking control i tugged at his shirt not liking the fact that it was there. He noticed and pulled it off. My Jaw dropped. "What happened to the scrawny Harry i used to know?" I joked as i looked at his rock hard abs and chest, but the thing that got me the most was his v-line. Harry chuckled and flipped us over so now he was on top of me. "Do like the new and improved Harry?" Biting my lip i simply nodded, pulling his face back to mine. 

His hands began to roam my body, finding the hem of my shirt he slightly pulled it up then gave me a look. I gave him permission, and soon my shirt was gone as well. Now it was his turn to gawk. "I've dreamed about this moment for so long, and may i just say you're even better looking in real life." Satisfied that my body pleased him i closed the distance once more between. His tongue entered my mouth, leaving it all tingly. Removing his lips from mine he kissed my jaw then made his way to my collarbone, beginning to suck. 

I moaned with pleasure and i could feel the smile that spread across his lips. "Harry..." i whimpered as i felt the bulge in his pants. He continued to suck at my neck as i gently ground my hips into his bulge. Harry moaned and released my neck.  Continuing the motion we both moaned at the new sensation. This was a side of me i have never seen before, the hormonal sexy side which i never noticed. This side contained control over me and i began to claw at Harry's back as he increase the pressure in our lower regions. "Ava." He moaned my name. Wanting more of him i started sucking on his neck causing him to moan more frequently. 

Harry tensed up and i could tell he was almost at his climax. This thought made me giggle as i had never turned a guy on this much. He struggled to keep it down. "It's okay, Harry, you can let go." Helping him i pressed my crotch against his. Moaning one final time he let go. Our actions stopped and he was staring into my eyes. "I can't believe that just happened." I said breathlessly. Harry chuckled and kissed my lips. "Avaly, i want to know if you would like to go on a proper date with me." 

I stayed silent, questioning his option. "Hmmm... well if there's more of this, than i guess it'd be fun." He smiled widely and kissed my lips again. "Definitely more of this, i'll have to take you to my parents bungalow." Smiling i kissed him then slid out from under him, grabbing my shirt. "I think you might want to change your pants before your mom comes in, speaking of her how did she not catch us i mean we weren't necessarily quiet." Harry chuckled and started to take off his pants. "My mom is at work but i'm sure all the boys heard." 

My faces reddened with embarrassment. "Relax, they are used to this kind of stuff, what we just did is nothing compared to what Zayn and his girlfriend do, talk about screaming." I let out a breath and inched towards the window, ready to leave. "Well, i should probably get back, but call me and let me know." Before i could climb out of the window Harry wrapped me in his arms. "You forgot something." He lent down to kiss me. 

By the time i was back in my own house Lily and her male friend were not kissing anymore. In fact he was gone and she was sitting at her desk focused on her computer. "Where have you been?" She asked not looking away from the screen. "Well after catching you and that boy making out, i went into mom's sewing room and fell asleep." I decided to spare her the truth of where i really went because i wasn't sure if i wanted people to know. "Yeah, sorry about that, but i am 15 now. Expect a little bit of action." My face crinkled in disgust. "Gross to much information. Let's just forget it, and go to sleep." She nodded. 



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