Can We Feel The Same

Avaly has lived next to the obnoxious, flirty, annoying Harry Styles her whole life. She is finally relieved when he makes it to the big times. He's been gone for 2 years and she's beginning to miss him bugging her every morning before school, but when he comes home for the holidays will old feelings resurface?

Author~ i know this is kind of cliche but i never find love hate fanfics anymore so i thought i'd write my own.


2. 2 years gone

Avaly's P.O.V.~

Alot can happen in two years for instance, i'm now living in a flat out side of London. Attending the University of London while working a part time shift at a bakery. I'm getting by but i'm glad now i get to go home for the Holidays. So where am i at the moment? On a train, headed to Holmes Chapel to see my family for Christmas. 

4 hours later i had my luggage together and i stepping of the train. Quickly i found my mum waiting for me. We hugged for a short period of time before she led me to her car. "So what's all happening at home?" I asked her once in the car. She sighed. "Well your sister has just finished her finals, your dad's furniture business has been booming, and i've been sewing blankets for homeless children. Oh, do you remember Harry, you know Anne's boy?" I nodded my head yes slowly. "Well, he's been calling each month since you've been at Uni. I felt so bad for the lad when i told him you weren't here, and i would give him your cellphone number but you told me not to ever give him that." 

I smiled knowing that i could trust my mother with anything, but also for the fact that even though Harry's making it big he still tries to pester me. "Thanks mom, i don't need him to be back in my life now. His disappearance has been rather pleasant and i would like to keep it that way." My mum's eyes widen, making one of my eyebrows lift in suspicion. "What's wrong mum?" 

"Oh, nothing, nothing, except he's coming home for Christmas and I invited his family over for dinner tonight in celebration of both our kids being home." My jaw dropped. "You did what!?!" I screamed at her. She knew we didn't get along, and i don't think 2 years away from each other will change the fact that i still hate him. The rest of the ride home was silent, partly because i was angry and partly because i needed time to think. So, as soon as i walked in the door i ran up to my old room which was now taken over by sewing machines. 

"Where am i even supposed to sleep?" I yelled downstairs. Mum replied instantly telling me i would share a room with my sister for the time being. Sighing i dragged my luggage into my little sister, Lily's room. She was sitting at her desk with her eyes glued to her computer screen. We ignored each other as i plopped down on her bed letting out a deep breath.

"What's wrong with you? Don't want to sleep in here, that's fine the garage is free!" Lily turned around to face me. "Sorry, it's just... I'm really stressed out." I sat up to lean against the wall. She smiled then came to sit next to me. "Is it because of Harry coming over later?" Hiding my blush i hid my head in my hands. 
"Maybe... it's like high school all over again."  

Lily patted my knee. "Don't worry, i bet he's changed and plus he's bringing his 4 gorgeous band members to the dinner as well!" She squealed with happiness. Oh no, i bet they are just obnoxious as he is. I've personally never met them, but i took one look at their photographs and i can already tell. "Don't tell me you actually like them?" Lily Nodded and motioned to her walls. 

They were covered in One Direction posters. How did i not notice these before? My sister has been brainwashed. "You need help." I said with a smile. She lightly punched my shoulder. "Well better start getting ready they will be here in a half hour." I groaned and dug through my suitcase to find something decent to wear.

Harry's P.O.V.~

We had just landed in Holmes Chapel and now me and the boys were headed to my house. I was anxious to see my family, and my close friends, but i was most anxious to see Avaly. It's been about 2 years since we last spoke. I can still remember the last time i saw her face. Of course she hated me, but that day i was going to tell her that i loved her. Even though she'd probably be disgusted knowing that i felt that way, but i wish my mum hadn't made me clean my room that day. 

I've told all the boys about her, and they feel like they already know her because i talk about her so often. I've never moved on. Sure i've had a couple of hook-ups but i hoped one day we would reconnect who would've thought that today was that day. So, now as i arrived home i quickly hugged my family then went to change. Soon we were walking over to her house. 

By now my butterflies in my stomach were close to exceeding maximum limit. "Haz, chill, everything will be fine." Louis patted my back. The front door opened and i was mesmerized by Avaly. I mean she was beautiful before but 2 years has made her stunning. Her eyes narrowed and i had to say it. "Hey hot stuff, you can stop missing me now." She rolled her eyes then slammed the door in my face. I guess feelings haven't changed. 

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