I'll care for you

Harry and Allie are best friends. Nothing could tare them apart. What happens when there are some benefits in their friendship? Can Allie and Harry be more then friends? Allie is left on her own to take care of her sister after the accident of her mother. Allie's dad comes back for Allie and CC but what will take place when that happens? Harry will be there, through it all caring for her. There is a lot of love in this story. Family type love. Passionate type love. Friend type love.
Read Ill care for you to find out what happens :)


12. toy's R us

Allie's p.o.v 

  We arrived  at the store and i help CC out the car. I grabbed her hand and Harry put his arm around my waist and we walked in the store. Harry grabbed CC a cart and I picked her up and put her in the cart.

 We walked around the store picking CC up a few toys. "oooh  can-can i get that?" She asked pointing to a teddy bear. We had already placed a 2 baby dolls and a new outfit in the cart for her, including one of those fake piano's for children 3 and under. "yes princess but after this we cant get no more okay?" i said to her. She nodded and Harry got the teddy bear off the shelf and handed it to her.

 She was so Happy. "Ready to go babe" i asked him. He nodded and we walked up to the cash register to pay for the toys. I pulled put my money, but Harry insisted on paying. "no Harry i got it" i said. "Allie that's okay ill buy it" he said handing the lady the money. "thanks" i said. He put her wallet back in his pocket and rapped a arm around me and kissed my forehead.

 They lady bagged the toys and i put them in the cart. "nice family you have there" the lady said. "oh ugh..." before i could say any more, Harry cut me off "yes indeed we are thank you" He said with a smile. I shook my head smiling. Celly was in her own little world playing in the cart with her teddy bear. "Come on"  i said. We walked out the store and to the car.

"why'd you say were a family?" i asked smiling. "well 1, because you'd make a great mum and i'd make a greet dad" he said. I laughed. "who said you're gonna be the father of my kids?" i said joking. He blushed and continued, "and 2 because we are a family, your together with me and i am gonna be the father of our children" he said confident. "i booked us a hotel for the weekend" he said. "yea okay styles"i said and pecked his lips. We laughed and unloaded the cart and put the bags in the car. I put Celly in her car seat and Harry took the cart back inside.

He came back out and got in the car and we drove off home. 

 Harry's p.o.v

 when we arrived home it was just 2 in the after noon. I help CC out the car and I carried her inside while taking one of the bags. Allie grabbed the other one and we walked up to the door. "ugh Allie can you get the keys?" i asked her. "sure, ugh were" she said. I chuckled, "don't get freaky, there in my back pocket" i said to her. She burst out laughing and reached in and grabbed the keys. She unlocked the door and we walked in.

 I set CC down in the lounge and i unloaded her toys out the bags and gave them to her to play with. Allie followed me in the kitchen and i through the bags away. "What?" i asked her she was just standing looking at me with a smirk. "nothing" she said. She came up closer to me, our lips centimeters apart. She leaned in and we kissed passionately. We pulled away when we heard feet steps coming in the kitchen. It was Bell. "hey" we said. "hey Harry Allie" she said. "Hey Bell, are you free tomorrow?" Allie asked her. "um yea why whats up?" Bell said. "i was wondering if you'd like to hang out, like maybe go shopping or something" Allie said. "yea i'd love to" "good how bout like around noon we leave?" Allie said. "yea". Bell then walked out the kitchen.

"Leaving me all ready?" i said. "No just thought i get some girl time with Bell..." she said. 

   The rest of the day we just played some family games and watched some movies together.  i  think we should tell mum and Belle that were together, we shouldnt keep it a secret. i thought. Maybe when  the girls leave tomorrow ill tell mum and Allie can tell Bell.

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