I'll care for you

Harry and Allie are best friends. Nothing could tare them apart. What happens when there are some benefits in their friendship? Can Allie and Harry be more then friends? Allie is left on her own to take care of her sister after the accident of her mother. Allie's dad comes back for Allie and CC but what will take place when that happens? Harry will be there, through it all caring for her. There is a lot of love in this story. Family type love. Passionate type love. Friend type love.
Read Ill care for you to find out what happens :)


26. telling the others

Allie's p.o.v

 After our little 'session', we had went out to Niall's, suppose to meet up with the boys. Once we arrived at Lou's house we got out the car making our way up to the door, holding hands. I knocked on the door twice. Harry placed his hands on my waist and making his hands up my shirt. A smile appared on my lips. I turned around facing him. He leaned in and kissed me on my lips. We were in a full make out session when just then Niall came adn opened the door. "woooeee" he said covering his eyes. Me and Harry were laughing. "hey Ni" i said "hey Allie. "hey Nialler" Harry said. "hey Harry" he said. We walked inside and had a seat in the lounge. "the others are on there way" he told us. "so Niall anything new?" i asked him taking some crisps from his table. "no actually-- HEEYYY put those back" he said slapping them out my hand. "but im hungry" i said. Harry was just over there laughing. "well...i guess you could only have 2" he said. "wow Niall 2" i said. "yes T.O" he said spelling it out to me. "No Niall it's T.W.O, smart one" i said. He gave me a smirk. 

 Niall's p.o.v

I can't believe myself. I like Allie, but she would never like me. I started liking her since i've laid eyes on her. I've never told anyone. But she wouldn't care, or it wouldn't matter. She's with Harry. I try to act the same when i'm around her. She's just so perfect.

I heard a knock at the door. "ill get it" i said getting up. I opened the door up to Louis, Eleanor, Zayn and Liam. "heyo" i said. "sup" they all said, like them people that's all into peace stuff. "come in" i said. "Harry and Allie are here" i mentioned to them as we walked in the lounge. "hey!" they said. "hey" everyone said. "guys me and Harry have some news to say" Allie said 

Allie's p.o.v

while Niall went to get the door me and Harry talked about wether we should tell the rest of them or not.

Niall's p.o.v.

We all sat down and looked at them. "well i dont wanna be like them people thats like 'well you all know that we've beem together for a while and blah blah blah' so im gonna get to the point" Allie said. We all giggled. "okay well, I'm pregnant" she said smiling. "congrats!" Everyone said. "yea" i said.

I cant believe this. Dont cry. Dont cry. i thought to myself. "so how far are you?" Liam asked. "well maybe a week or two" she said. "were gonna make a doctors appointment to go for a check up" Harry said. "well have you thought of any names yet?" Zayn asked. "no not yet" Allie said. I just sat in my seat all quiet. "well so what you guys wanna do?" I asked changing the subject. "well we could go to the cinema's or just hang out" Louis said. "Nando's!" Allie said. We all looked at her, "sorry im like really hungry" she said. That made me smile. "me to!" i said. "fine" every one said. Me and her bust out laughing and high fived each other. "off to Nando's" we said in union. 


  sorry for the short chapter...


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