I'll care for you

Harry and Allie are best friends. Nothing could tare them apart. What happens when there are some benefits in their friendship? Can Allie and Harry be more then friends? Allie is left on her own to take care of her sister after the accident of her mother. Allie's dad comes back for Allie and CC but what will take place when that happens? Harry will be there, through it all caring for her. There is a lot of love in this story. Family type love. Passionate type love. Friend type love.
Read Ill care for you to find out what happens :)


14. teen hang out

Allie's p.o.v

 when me and Bell got home we just chilled with the family. It was now 10 and CC and Anne were off to bed. Roger, Me, Bell and Harry were up. Oh and if your wondering about who won in COD, i did. Yea Roger was pretty shock but he had it coming since i always beat Harry in the game. Anyways we were up watching scary movies. I wasn't really paying attention, i was texting Eleanor and cuddling with Harry.

"Harry do you think it's okay if all the guys me and you hang out tomorrow?" i whispered to him. "yea babe" he said and kissed my lips softly. i smiled. "do you think i could bring a friend along?" i asked him. "yea sure no problem" he said. I giggled, clearly he was paying more attention to the movie then to what i was saying.

 me and Eleanor's convo


 Me: hey girl

 El: hey wazz up

 me: wondering if you'd like to hang out with me my bf and some of our friends?

El: yea sure, when?

me: 2mw and reminder there all boys so if you hang out wit us its just gonna b us 2 :/ 

Ele: yea i'd love to hang out wit you guys, and yea all boys not a problem ;)

 me: lol yea, there all our age so (hint hint) there single too ;) 

El: lmao okay are they hot? 

me: hell yea!

 El: decribe them to me ;) xx

me: lol kk...well there's Zayn: bad boy look, shy, but once you get to know him he rlly fun..then there's Niall: loves to eat my eatting buddy (We love to eat) um he's Irish fun to hang around, hates to see some one upset so hes a really comforting person, um he has the most beautifulest blue eyes then there's Liam: afraid of spoons (lol) sensitive, responsible and caring, then there's Harry: my bf, hot sexy terrific out going cheeky (well you get the point) last but not least there's Louis: he's REALLY  funny, cheeky, and has great fashion since

El: wow they all sound like really FUN i cant wait to meet them. 

me: yea they are

El: hey well i gtg i got clean my house :( but ill c ya tomorrow..oh and what time and like should i meet you guys somewhere orrr

me: ok..and just txt me your address and i we can come pick you up around noon. were something casual

El: okay ill be ready, and by casual you mean..

Me: lmao idk what casual means for you but im just gonna wear some short shorts and a blue plaid shirt with my blue TOM'S

El: nice i think i might were some short shorts too (since imma be around 4 hot dudes) idk what shirt yet tho...txt me when your on you way bye xxxx  

me: lol kk bye babe's xxx


   end of convo

 it was now going on midnight. I was getting tired. Roger was fast a sleep in Bells arms and Bell was asleep to. Harry was slowly drifting off to sleep. "harry, harry" i said. "hmm" he mumbled. "babe come on" i said. He rubbed his eyes and got up and we walked up the stairs. Since CC had slept in Anne's room i was gonna sleep with my babe tonight.

i had got undress and slipped into one of Harry's shirt. he did the same but only had his underwear on. We got in bed and cuddled. Whispering sweet things to each other before drifting off to sleep.


 Me and Harry woke up around 10:30. We took our shower and i put on the out i told Eleanor yesterday. Harry wore a black shirt with some khaki pants and his black converse. I wore my hair up in a high pony tail. We walked down stairs and ate breakfast, before leaving. 

 "goodmorning" we said to everyone. "morning" they replied. Harry text'ed the boys that after breakfast we'd be on our way to pick them up. Harry's car held up to 6 people we just thought to ride in one car and to drive really carefully so not to be pulled over by the cops.

 It was now 11:15 when we finished our breakfast. We said our goodbyes to everyone and walked out the house getting in Harry's car. I took my phone out and text'ed El to see if she's still coming. "yea" she replied. "okay ill be there at 12" i said and put my phone in my pocket. "so how bout we pick Niall up first since he dont live far" Harry said driving to his house.

"hey Niller" i said as he got in the car. "was up bitches" he said jokingly. We all laughed and Harry backed out his parking lot and we then drove to Liam's then Zayn's. We were all in the car singing and yelling out lyrics. And the windows were down. Every time we came to a red light someone in the car next to us we look over at us crazy. We then arrived at Louis. When he came i got out the car. "hey Lou sit in the front? ill sit in the back" i said. "okay" he said. I got in the back sitting next to Liam. I sat by the door.  

 I gave Harry Eleanor's address and we drove over to her house. When we arrived i text her that we were outside. I got out the car and walked up to her front door and waited. "hey" she said and walked out the house closing the door. "hey girl" i said and hugged her. She did wear what she said. Short shorts that was sky blue and a white aeropostal shirt with some white sandals. "you look cute" i said as we walked down to the car. "thanks". Before i opened the door i said. "so there's no room so you'll sit on my lap". I opened the door and got in first, Eleanor got in after me and sat on my lap.

 "Guys this is Eleanor" i said. "Eleanor this is Harry" i said pointing to him "hello" Harry said. "This is Louis" I said. "nice to meet you love" he said. "Zayn and Niall" i said. "hello nice to meet you" they said. "and last but not least Liam" i said. "it's nice to meet you" he said. Eleanor smiled at all of them. "its nice to meet you all" she said.

Harry pulled into a empty parking lot. Him and Lou turned around and faced all of us. "so...were are we going"Lou asked. "ummm" we all thought. "Lou pick something" I said. "hmmmmm" he said putting on his thinking face. We all laughed, "how bout we go too the zoo?" he said. "sounds good" El said. "yea" we all said. "tooo the zooooo" Lou yelled. Eleanor giggled. During our ride there we had all song along to the radio laughed and joked. Eleanor and the guys got along really well.

 When we arrived we got out the car. "how bout we play a game" I said. I took out my phone and text'ed a list of different animals we had to find and i sent it to all of them. 10 seconds later there phones went off. They looked at the text and looked back up at me. "partner up and who ever finds these animals first wins...something special idk yet" i said. "i choose Eleanor" Lou said. Eleanor blushed and Lou interlocked arms with her. "don't worry i don't bite" he said. We all laughed at his comment. Then there was me and Harry Zayn Niall and Liam. "ready set GO" i yelled. we all went in different directions and went searching.

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