I'll care for you

Harry and Allie are best friends. Nothing could tare them apart. What happens when there are some benefits in their friendship? Can Allie and Harry be more then friends? Allie is left on her own to take care of her sister after the accident of her mother. Allie's dad comes back for Allie and CC but what will take place when that happens? Harry will be there, through it all caring for her. There is a lot of love in this story. Family type love. Passionate type love. Friend type love.
Read Ill care for you to find out what happens :)


11. performing

Harry's p.o.v 

 ugh!! it's been 3 weeks now. Allie and Matthew have been seeing each other everyday or every other day. They text all the time. I don't even get to hang out with her any more. We don't even do the benefit part in our friend ship. Allie needs to know how i feel about her. There's something that i don't like bout Matthew. To me it's like he's hiding something.

 I decided to go out by myself and just get some air. Allie was home with Bell and CC. Mum and Roger went grocery shopping for the house. I drove around the neighborhood. I came to a red light and i turned my head and looked at the cars next to me. When i turned to the left, there i saw him. He was in a car with another girl. My eyes widened. How could he do this? i knew he was hiding something? why would he do this to the such a beautiful amazing fun smart,and i could go on, girl? i thought. And i was talking bout Allie being the most smart, fun amazing beautiful girl. I was angry.

 i called the boys, i told them everything.  I told me to meet me at star bucks.    When i saw all the boys arrived I told them that we were gonna sing the song. "Allie told me that there going on a date tomorrow at this cafe'" i said, "and there, there is were we'll perform it" i said. the boys nodded. We have practiced the song a lot. We hung out at star bucks for a little and then went to the cinema's before going home.

 When i arrived home it was 9 at night. I went up to my room and closed the door. I took a shower and laid in bed. I turned the t.v on and watched the titanic. I heard a knock at the door. I got up and answered it. "yea" i said a little annoyed. It was Allie. "hi Harry" she said. "Ugh hi Allie" i said. We just stood there in silence. "Well can i come in?" she said smiling. I wasn't really in the mood. "ugh actually i was just finna go to sleep" i said. "oh well then ill see you in the morning for work" she said. "yea" i whispered.

 She turned around and walked back to her room. I closed my door and got back in bed turning the t.v off. i text'ed all the boys : change of plains...lets do it at the bakery 9 am. There will be people there,  I'm actually ready to quit i dont wanna work there with him.       i sent the text and the boys all replied back. "nice" "cool this'll be fun" and "okay". I set my phone down on my side table and drifted off to sleep.

 ----next morning -----

Allie's p.o.v 

 i woke up at 8 and started getting ready for work,  and CC just woke up to. "good morning princess" i said. "morning" she said. "how bout we get you some new toys later?" i asked her. After my date with Matthew i was gonna take her to get some new toys. "yea!" she said Happy. "good" i said. "lets go see if Bella look after you while i go to work" i said slipping on my shoes. I picked her up and we walked downstairs.  

When we got downstairs everyone was down there. I passed Celly to Bella. Harry was already to go. It was already 8:50. I made myself a bagel and ate it in the car. The car ride was silence. When we arrived we checked in and started working.

 Harry's p.o.v

 We checked in and Allie and Matthew were flirting. I wanted to gag. That should be me and Allie. it was now 9:30, the boys should be here any minute 

 right on time they came. I walked to the table they sat at. "ready?" i asked them. "yea were's Allie?" Niall asked. I pointed at her. She was taking a customers order. "okay lets go" Lou said. "wait were are we performing?" Liam asked. "Zayn help me move these tables" i said. We moved 3 tables and pushed them together in the center of the bakery. Everyone stopped what they were doing and looked at us. "ready?" i whispered. They nodded and we jumped on the table And started, Niall playing his guitar:

Me: Baby you got me sick i don't know what i did need to take a break and figure it out,  yeah, gottcha voice in my head sayin lets just be friends cant believe the words came out yo mouth

   i looked at Allie's face but quickly looked away.

 Zayn: Im tryna be okay, im tryna be alright but seein' you with him just dont feel right 

all of us: And im like (ow) never thought it'd hurt hurt so bad gettin; over youu and (ow) you're giving me a heart attack lookin' like you doo cause you'reall i ever wanted thought you would be the one its (ow) giving me a heart attack over yous

 (Niall plays a little guitar)

 Liam: yeah..Baby now that you're gone i cant stand dumb love songs missing you is all im thinking bout yeah

 Niall: every ones tellin me im just to blind to see how you messed me up im better off now

Zayn: yeah im tryna be okay im tryna be alright but seein' you with him just don't feel right

all together: and im like (ow) never thought it hurt so bad gettin over youu and (Ow) you're givin me a heart attack lookin like you doo cause your all i  ever wanted thought you would be the one its (ow) giving me a heart attack gettin over you 

  (Niall plays his guitar a little)

Louis: oooo-oooh (ow) yeah every time you look like that ooooh-oooh (ow) your givin me a heart attack..... seein' you with him just don't feel right 

all together: and im like (ow) never thought it'd hurt so bad gettin over youu and (ow) you're givin me a heart attack lookin like you doo cause your all i ever wanted thought you would be the one its (ow) givin me a heart attack gettin over youu .

Zayn: you're all i ever wanted yeah, yeah every time you look like that come on you're all i ever wanted....you're givin me a heart attack 

 all together: (ow)

  we had got applause from the crowd. Me and the boys looked at each other and smiled. There were people recording us. I turned and looked at Allie and she had tears in her eyes. She looked at me and then looked at Matthew. I looked at him then back at her. I shook my head no. She whipped away her tears, and walked over to me.

 I turned and looked at the boys, they looked at me and "ill catch up with you guys later" i said. "thanks A LOT, you were a big help" i said. "no problem" they said. We jumped off the table and the guys went out the bakery and walked across the street. She tapped me on my shoulder and i turned around.

 I looked at her and she gave me a weak smile. "Harry, did you right that?" she asked me. "yea" i said looking down. She grabbed my hand and i looked up at her. "can we talk some where else?" she asked. Since we were still at work, but more likely gonna be fired, i walked us out to my car.

we got in the car and there was a little silence. "Allie, i really like you and i want us to be more then friends, i want you in my arms every night. I want to be the one taking you out i--" i said, she cut me off with a kiss. "Harry, im sorry i love you" she said. "its okay babe" i said. 

"so the things in the song, like when you said you need a break...do you need time to think bout it and forgive me?" she asked me. I looked at her and took her hand. "Allie no i don't need that break anymore and i forgave you already" i said. She smiled. "what about in the song you put now that i'm gone?" she said. "i put that cos you were always gone out with Mat" i said to her. "oh..." she said. 

I wanted to tell her now bout what i saw earlier with Mat and the other girl. "um AllieBear" i said. "Yea" "does Mat have a sister?" i asked her. "um no why?" she asked. "please don't be mad" i said and she had a confused look on her face. "why would i Harry?" she asked. I took a deep breath, "Allie i saw Matthew in a car with another girl and they looked at flirty and they were smiling and really close" i said. She had that look were like something hits you hard. "i'm sorry" i said. "no its fine Harry" she said and stepped out the car. I followed behind her and she walked back into the bakery, more like stormed in causing every one to look at us. She grabbed some ones drink and walked in the kitchen walking up to Matthew. "BITCH" she said pouring the drink on his head. He gasp and Avery and I started laughing. 

"HARRY, ALLIE my office now!" john our manager said. Me and Allie walked off into his office and sat down in the chairs. "um John instead of the whole 'your fired speech' ma-thing-y can you just say your fired" Allie said. I smirked at her comment, wanting to laugh. "ok princess" He said sarcastically "you and curly are fired" He said. We nodded and walked out his office. "um but we still get our last week pay" I said closing his door. Allie and i burst out laughing. We walked out the Bakery and got in the car. 

 "Harry" Allie said looking at me. "I love you" she said. I leaned in and kissed her lips. "i love you to" i said. "Were would you like to go?" i asked her. "well i told CC that i would take her shopping for some new toys" she said. I nodded and drove home so that we could go get CC.  

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