I'll care for you

Harry and Allie are best friends. Nothing could tare them apart. What happens when there are some benefits in their friendship? Can Allie and Harry be more then friends? Allie is left on her own to take care of her sister after the accident of her mother. Allie's dad comes back for Allie and CC but what will take place when that happens? Harry will be there, through it all caring for her. There is a lot of love in this story. Family type love. Passionate type love. Friend type love.
Read Ill care for you to find out what happens :)


2. No feelings attached

Harry's p.o.v

 Once we arrived at my house we ran up to my door and I unlocked it. AllieBear ran in "HI BELL HEY ROGER" she said running upstairs. "HEY" they yelled back at her. "hey guys" i said to them, closing the door. "Mary says hi" i said to them. Mary's, Allie's mom. "wanna join me and Allie for a swim?" i asked them. "YES" Roger said. "i mean yes" he said more calm. I laughed cos i knew Roger fancied Allie. Roger ran upstairs getting ready. "how bout you Bell?" i asked my older sister. "yea sure" she said. "wheres mum?" i asked. "over at aunt Mag's" she said then went upstairs and changed to.

 I went upstairs to my room. I walked in forgetting to knock. I walked in while Allie was changing. "oh my god i'm sorry i forgot to knock" i said walking back out. She giggled and said "its fine Harry i'm already dress u can come in". I walked in the room and she looked beautiful in her bikini. Allie was really fit. She was Ho- wait what am i talking bout she's my best friend. She snapped her fingers in my face smiling. God that smile. "did you hear me?" she said. "what...ugh no" i said. I  hope she didn't notice me staring. "i said can u tie the scraps for me" she said turning around. "yeah sure" i tied it up for her, touching her warm back. "thanks" she said. "no problem." i say to her. She walked to the door, "ill be out in a little" i said to her. "okay" she said.

  I took off my shirt noticing her clothes folded neatly on the bed. Her bra and underwear to. I laughed and shook my head. I took her clothes and placed them in a draw with the rest of her clothes she had over here. I threw her underwear and bra in the dirty clothes. I then undress and slipped on my swim trunks. I walked out the room seeing Allie by sitting by the door. "you waited for me?" i asked her. "yeah" she said. I smiled and we walked downstairs, were Roger and Bell were when we got there. "ready?" Bell asked "yeah" me and AllieBear said. 

 We all walked out the back door and out to the poo. I stopped Roger before we reached the pool, but the girls went ahead. "Roger," i started. "Dude what are you doing?! don't you see i;m trying to make my move?" he said. i chuckled at him and he had a serious look on his face. "Roger she's 18 and your 8" i said. Their 10 years apart and it'll be weird if they were together. "yea i know" he said understanding. "do you think do you think we could be good friends?" he asked. "yea just don't creep her out" i said. He smiled hugly and we joined the girls in the pool. 

 We all played with the water guns and raced laps in the pool. 

It was now 5 pm and we were all back in the house eating pizza we ordered. We had came in and showered getting into some pj's. "how bout a movie?" Bell asked. "yeah" we said. "finding nemo" Roger said. "sounds good" Allie said. Half way through the movie Allie starts crying. "what's wrong?" i asked her. "its just so sad that nemo is lost" she said.I chuckled at her cuteness and she placed her head on my shoulder. Right at the end of the movie mum walked through the door. it was 6:45 now. "hi mum!!" we all said. "hey" she said. "oh hi AllieBear, spending the night?" Mum asked. "yes" Allie answered. Mum was like a 2nd mum to Allie. Allie looked up at me and told me that she was gonna go and call her mom. 

 I waited 10 mins before i went upstairs to get bed.  I wanted to give Allie some time to talk to her mum. I knocked on the door before entering this time. "come in" she said. "what'ya watching" i asked her. "i don't know i haven't found anything yet" she said. We had settled and watched Spongebob. After watching like 5 episodes it was now 9:25 pm. Everyone was sleep. Allie was on her Iphone so i snatched it out of her hands. "Harry give it back" she said. "ugh fine" i said to her. I got up standing on the bed, jumping up and down. My feet got tangled in the covers and i fell on top of Allie. "owww" she whispered/yelled. "i'm so sorry AllieBear" i said to her.

  I couldn't help but look into her crystal blue eyes. Still on top of her i looked down at her pink lips. Allie was beautiful. I leaned in and kiss her. Wait was i liking my Best friend? She kissed back. Did she like me to? i thought. I pulled away, "im sorry" i said. "yeah ugh its fine" she said. She looked away but i looked over at her. She looked back at me and we touched closer to each other. Our lips Centimeters apart, "Allie" i said her name. "yea" she said. I could feel her breathing on me. "Allie" i said closing the gap between us. We kissed with passion. I searched for the remote without breaking the kiss. I found it and turned the t.v. off. She place her hands around my neck and i placed a hand on her waist and on her cheek. I pulled her close to me, our bodies now touching. Moans escaping our mouths.

 I laid down and pulled Allie on top of me. Her body moved up and down. She then pulled away, "Harry i cant" she said. "what why?" i said. I thought she wanted this. "Harry i cant do this because i love you to much to hurt you...i mean if we start dating then we break up we would never be the same...our friend ship" she  said. She was right. "Allie we can make it work" i said turning on the lamp that was beside me on a little table. She shook her head no. I pulled her into a hug and she rested her head on my shoulder. "i love you to" i whispered to her. I thought of what we could do. For our friendship to still last. "Allie why don't...why don't we be friends with benefits" i said. She looked up at me and nodded. "no feelings attached?" she said. "no feelings attached" i repeated. She smiled leaning in and kiss me. 

 I turned the lamp off and we kissed with passion. Moans escaping our mouths. I pulled her on me again and she moved her body up and down on mine. God she was good. I had my hands place on her waist and her's placed on my cheek. I tugged on her shirt and she gladly took it off. Soon my shirt came off to. Allie bit my lower lip and that turned me on. She felt my 'friend' harden and she giggled. She put her lips to my ear and whispered "no feelings attached".

 We had taken our pants off and I stared at her deeply, seeing if this is what she really wanted.  Ever since we shared that kiss when we was little i've liked Allie. But i kinda pushed those feelings away because i thought maybe she didn't feel the same. She nodded and we continued (kissing, humping). I made the next move. I flipped her under me so i was no on top of her. She spread her legs open. I took off my underwear and i took of her panties. I enter her, moans escaping her mouth. Man i hope Bell Roger and Mum don't hear. We weren't loud but we were in a way. I let her adjust and she dug her nails in my back. I thrust inside her, pleasing her. Still inside her, she pulled me close. 

 I made my hands to her back, un-clipping her bra scrap. Kissing her lips making my way down to her neck, leaving love bits. I pulled out of her and laid next to her, both out of breath. She turned over and looked at me. And i looked at her. "that was..." i said, "yea" she whispered. I pulled her close to me, cuddling. My guess, it was probally 11(pm) something. 

 I knew she was tired. We laid in bed drifting off to sleep. 




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