I'll care for you

Harry and Allie are best friends. Nothing could tare them apart. What happens when there are some benefits in their friendship? Can Allie and Harry be more then friends? Allie is left on her own to take care of her sister after the accident of her mother. Allie's dad comes back for Allie and CC but what will take place when that happens? Harry will be there, through it all caring for her. There is a lot of love in this story. Family type love. Passionate type love. Friend type love.
Read Ill care for you to find out what happens :)


8. new friends

Matthew's p.o.v

 After work we had all clocked out. We walked out the bakery laughing at a joke Harry said. The way she laughed was beautiful. Her dimples, Her laugh, funniest, humor, just amazing.  I wanted to ask her out sometime but it seemed like her and Harry had a thing. 

"hurry up slow poke" She said smiling. I noticed i was lagging behind. The others were farther ahead, but she waited. I smiled and jogged up to were she was. "hey" i said "hey" she say smiling. She was so happy. Since we were away from the others i thought i'd ask her now. "ugh Allie?" i start out. "yea Matt?" she said looking at me.  I smiled, "Allie would you like to... would you like to go out with me sometime?" i asked. She stopped walking which made me stop. I knew she wouldn't wanna. "you never mind forg--" she cut my off. "Matt i would love to go out with you sometime." she said grabbing my arm.  I smiled and looked down. "cool" i said. "yea" she said. 

"We should probably catch up" she said. "yeah" i said. "race you" she said running. "hey cheater" i said running, catching up to her. We had all walked to this little park and hung out there for a little. It was now 4:30 and we were walking back to the bakery to get our cars and go home. Once we reached the bakery i stopped Allie. "hey so can i get your number to text you sometime?" i asked. She giggled. "yeah. lemme see your phone" she said. I gave her my phone and she typed her number in. She gave me her phone and i typed my number in as well.  "ill text you" she said walking to Harry's car. I smiled and nodded.

 Allie's p.o.v

 Harry drove us home, and when i got home i greeted Anne and CC. I pulled my phone out and text Matt. "hey" i said. "hello" He replied. "so when would you like to take me out?" i sent the text. he replied under 1 min. "i was thinking 2mw since the bakery's closed 2mw ;) xx" he said. I smiled at the text. "sounds good. how bout i meet you at the bakery 2mw at 2?" i said. "sweet" he said. "lol well wyd?" i asked. and our texts convo was just bout what we were doing and stuff. 5 mins later i told him that i had to go. I left my phone in the room and ran downstairs. Harry was sitting on the couch watching t.v.

"Wheres Anne and CC?" i asked him standing in front of him.  "Mum went to go get Roger and Bell from Aunt Mag's they should be back in like an hour" he said. I nodded. He was looking at me smiling. "What?" i asked him. He pulled his hands out and placed them on my waist pulling me on his lap. 

 He looked into my eyes like he always does before he kissed me.He leaned in and kissed me softly and passionate. My hands on his neck and he had his on my waist. I turned, positioning myself so that my legs were around him. He then placed his hands on my back and i moved my body up and down on him. Moans escaping our mouth. 

I pulled away and smiled, i rubbed my nose against his. He leaned in, and i thought he was going to kiss me but he stopped our faces inches away, he licked my cheek. "HARRY" i yelled. I got off him and he burst out laughing. I stood up looking at him. "harry that's not funny" i said. "come on i was just having some fun" he said in a sexy turn on voice while placing his hands on my waist, kissing my neck.  

"let me take you out tomorrow just me and you" he whispered in my ear. I moaned. "i-i" i tried to say but he kept kissing my neck. "come on" he said rubbing his hand on my thigh. "harry, i cant M-Matt asked me to go out with him tomorrow at 2" i said. He stopped kissing me. "why you stop" i said. He didn't say anything. "Harry are you jelous?"i asked. "Harry nothings gonna happen you know your my sex buddy?" i said he laughed. "Allie its not that" He said "then what is it?" i asked. "its nothing" he said. "Harry, if it was something you would tell me right?" i asked. "of course love" he said and kissed my forehead. "okay" i whispered.

 We sat on the couch, watching the Incredible's, cuddling. I got up once i heard the door click open. There, Anne, Roger, CC and Bell walked in the room. "hey" me and Harry said. "aww your watching the Incredible's with out me?" Roger said. "hey" Bell and Mum said. I walked up to them and hugged them. I grabbed CC and started playing with her. "hi princess" i said to her, she giggled and started crawling all over me.

 We all sat in the lounge finishing up watching the movie. When the movie ended we had ate dinner (Nando's ). It was good. Once we finished I took CC upstairs to get her ready for bed. It was 7 pm already. "how was your day buttercup?" i asked her while helping her change into some pajama's. "good we, we had went to the pwark and and we had played" she said. I giggled at they way she talked it was cute. "aww that nice did you have fun?" i asked her knowing the answer was yes. "mhmm" she said. "well that's good, i had a nice day to, i made new friends and work was nice to" i said to her.  She was smiling. When i was upset or was feeling any kind of feeling, her smile all was brought me happiness. "and since i got a job now and can get money i will buy you nice toys and clothes" i told her and tapped her nose. "rweally?" she said. "mhmm".

 I finished getting her dress, then picked her up and i took her bags and her into the guess room that was down the hall from Harry.  There was 3 floors in the house. The first floor was the lounge and the kitchen and the second floor was  Roger's room and Anne's, the third floor was Harry's and Bella's room including a guess room. (they each had a bathroom in their room). I placed her down on the king sized bed. "this is gonna be our room" i told her. She nodded her head. She placed her head down on the pillow, rubbing her eyes tiredly. 

"get some sleep" i told her kissing her cheek. She hugged me goodnight and closed her tired eyes.  Once she was in a deep sleep i quietly walked out the room and down to Harry's room to go grab my bags. When i got in his room he was in there. I closed the door, "hey" he said. "hey" i said bending down to pick up my bag. "me and CC are gonna be in the guess room so that you can have your bed." i told him. He got up off the bed and came over to me, placing his hands on my waist and putting his lips near my ear. "but i want you" he whispered, flirting. I giggled and pushed him away .

 I sat my bag by the door and then ran and jumped on the bed. I pat a spot next to me so he could come, which he did. He pulled me into his arms and we cuddled. "Harry" i said. "yea" he said. "thank you" i whispered tears forming in my eyes. "for what, babe?" he said. I looked into his eyes, "thank you for being my friend, for helping me through my situations for being there for me when the bullying started, when my dad left, when my mum died." i said, tears falling down my face. He hugged me tight, me in his lap. "AllieBear, ill always be there for you" he said. "I love and don't want nothing to happen to you, ill car for you and protect you" he said. "i love you to Harry" i said. He whipped my tears away.

 It was getting late so i kissed Harry goodnight and made my way to the guest room. Or my room now i should say. When i got in there i changed out of my clothes and through on one of Harry's shirt and climbed in bed next to CC. I kissed her forehead, drifted off to sleep. 

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