I'll care for you

Harry and Allie are best friends. Nothing could tare them apart. What happens when there are some benefits in their friendship? Can Allie and Harry be more then friends? Allie is left on her own to take care of her sister after the accident of her mother. Allie's dad comes back for Allie and CC but what will take place when that happens? Harry will be there, through it all caring for her. There is a lot of love in this story. Family type love. Passionate type love. Friend type love.
Read Ill care for you to find out what happens :)


17. morning

Eleanor's p.o.v

When i woke up i was snuggled in Lou's arm. I When i did see Lou i thought he was cute and when he held me close to him when we were on the ride. I feel so protected in his arms. I pecked his lips and his eyes fluttered open. A smile on my lips i said "good morning". He smiled, "good morning love" he said. I snuggled my head in his bare chest. "how bout we go get breakfast?" He said. I nodded. We walked got out of bed but before leaving the room i slipped on a pair of sweat pants. "ready" i said. He nodded and we walked down the hall to the lounge where every one slept. We saw the Niall and Harry were the only ones up, the rest still in the position the fell asleep last night. "Goodmorning" i said. "morning" Niall and Harry said. "would you guys like breakfast?" i asked not wanting to be rude. "YES, please" Niall said. "yea that'll be awesome" Harry said. I laughed and walked into the kitchen making some eggs, waffles, grits, bacon, toast, orange juice, and coffee for everyone with the help of Lou.

Allie's p.o.v

 i woke up from the smell of breakfast. I smelled so good. I jumped off of Harry startling him. "sorry babe" i said and ran into the kitchen. "FOOD" i yelled. Everyone laughed. "food buddy" i heard Niall say coming from the table. He tapped a spot next to him gestering me to sit next to him which i always do and Harry sits on the other side of me. I fixed a huge plant the size of Niall's and we dug in together.

The rest of the boys and Eleanor joined us right when me and Niall were half way down. "So after breakfast what's plain?" Zayn asked. "ugh will i gotta get home shower and then i]m gonna take my little sis somewhere"  I said. "where?" Harry asked me. "oh i don't know i was thinking bout just spending some time with her" i said. He nodded and continued eating. "How bout you guys?" I asked. "well i gotta work" Liam said. "same" Niall added. "what's your plain for the day Eleanor" i asked her. "Oh um i don't know yet" she replied. "Lou?" Harry said. "nothing yet" he said smiling. "I gotta take my sister's out also" Zayn said. "Harry you mind coming along?" Zayn asked him. "sure Zayn" he said. 

 We finished up eating, all helping clean the kitchen and putting the blankets back from last night.  All the boys said there goodbyes to Eleanor and walked out to the car. Before leaving i talked to El. "hey so since your not busy you wanna hang out with me and my little sis?" i asked her. "i don't know what were gonna do maybe go to the cinema" i added on. "sure! i'd love to...ad it gives us time to hang out, i got some stuff to tell you about last night" she said and winked at me. We laughed and i nodded. "okay i'll have Harry drop us off here before going off with Zayn" i said. "okay just text me when your on your way" she said. "okay bye" i said and hugged her before runnin down to get in the car.


 We had dropped Liam and Niall off first since they gotta get ready for work. "Harry you think you can drop me back off at El's before going to Zayn's?" i asked him. He looked over at Zayn, "yea babe" he said. OK then. We dropped Lou off already. "how bout we go to the house i can grab a pair of clothes CC and then you drive me back over to El's and then you and Zayn can go over to his house?" i said. it kinda made more since, that way he wouldn't have to Drop Zayn off then drive back over to his house. "iight" he said.

 when we arrived at the house Harry waited in the car but asked me to bring him a change of clothes out as well. I jumped out the car and ran in the house. I didn't wanna keep the boys waiting. Roger was there and so was Bell,CC was playing with her teddy next to them. Anne must be at work. "hey guys" i said. "hey" they said. "Bell me and Eleanor are going out to the Cinema's today and imma take CC do you wanna come?" i asked her. "oh actually im hanging out with my bf today" she said. "kk, Roger you wanna go with Harry over to Zayn house?" i asked him. I don't know if he met Zayn before but...yea. "ugh who?" he said. I laughed. "Harry's going over to a friends house to help watch his friends sisters, do you wanna go with them or with me, you cant stay home by yourself" i said. "well i don't know who his friend is. and i DONT wanna hang out with you girls sooo can i go over to Josh house?" he asked me. I looked over at Bell. "yea you can go ill drop you off before i leave" Bell said. "okay then well i gotta go get some clothes" i said. 

i dashed upstairs into me and CC's room grabbing me a bra and a pair of panties and  white skinny jeans and a black crop top with some black heels. And then i placed them in a little bag that i found. I then ran into Harry's room and grabbed him a pair of brown skinny jeans and his black HIPSTA PLEASE shirt and boxers so her could shower. I then went into the bathroom grabbing our tooth brushes and then i walked downstairs. 

 "ready CC" i said picking her up. She nodded her head and we walked out the door. She was wearing a pink sundress with some clear sandals. I walked over to the car and placed her in her car seat. "hi cutey" Zayn and Harry said. She smiled and hugged her teddy. i got in the car and we drove off, Harry driving us to Eleanor's house. I pulled my phone out and text her that i was on my way. She replied with okayxx.

 When we arrived i had unbeckled CC and took her out her car seat. I took my clothes and toothbrush out the bag while holding CC and left the bag in the car with Harry's clothes in it. Harry got out the car and grabbed CC's car seat for me.

 We walked up to her door and knocked. Harry was looking at me. I couldn't help but smile. "what babe?" i said to him. "nothing love" he said. Just then Eleanor opened the door. "hey " we said. We walked in and i set CC down on the couch with my clothes. I took the car seat out of Harry's hand and set it down on the floor. "El could you watch her for like 2 mins ill be back" i said to her. "sure" she replied. I followed Harry back out side. We just stood by her door. I placed my hands around his neck and he placed his on my waist. "what are you gonna be home" he whispered to me. "well were just gonna catch a movie and probably go out for lunch. i should be back home like at 3" i said. He nodded. I leaned in and kissed him. We kissed passionately with tounge for quite some time. "COME ON LOVE BIRDS" Zayn yelled. Me and Harry turned and looked over at him. He honked the horn. We laughed and looked back at each other. "ill see you later" i said. He kissed me again. "i LOVE you" he said. "I love you to" i said back to him. He leaned in to kiss me again but instead of kissing him i had licked his face. "ewww" he said. "goo Zayn's waiting for you" i said laughing. "fine" he said hugging me again. Before letting me go he whispered "i want you tonight" and left me go before walking off. He turned around and winked at me, getting into the car and pulling off.

 I smiled walking into the house.  Eleanor and CC were talking about dolls. "hey can i take a shower?" i asked her. "yea sure its just right down the hall and to your right" she said. "thanks" i  said. I grabbed my clothes and walked to the bathroom.

Eleanor's p.o.v

Before Lou left this morning he gave me his number and we have been texting since. "Let me take u out 2night" he text me. "i'd like that ;)" i sent him. "how bout 8 tonight and then we could hang out at your place after?" he asked. "yea sounds good xx" i replied to him. I wonder what we were gonna go. "babe ill txt u back l8er I gotta get ready to go out with Allie" i sent. "okay love ;) have fun and be careful" he replied.

CC was playing with her teddy and watching t.v. I picked her up, "wanna help me find a out fit?" i asked her.  "an outfit" she asked shocked. I giggled. "yea" i said. "o-okay" she said. We walked into my room and i opened my closet up. "can, can you were a dwess like me?" she asked me. "sure love, what dress?" i asked her. I showed her all my summer dresses and she picked a long strapless dress. "good choice" i said to her. I placed her down on the bed and grabbed the dress out the closet.

I heard the water turn off, Allie must be done. i waited 5 mins before she came out the bathroom wearing white skinny's and a crop top. "cute" i said "thanks" she said. "okay im gonna go shower to" i said grabbing my clothes and walking out the room to the bathroom. 


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