I'll care for you

Harry and Allie are best friends. Nothing could tare them apart. What happens when there are some benefits in their friendship? Can Allie and Harry be more then friends? Allie is left on her own to take care of her sister after the accident of her mother. Allie's dad comes back for Allie and CC but what will take place when that happens? Harry will be there, through it all caring for her. There is a lot of love in this story. Family type love. Passionate type love. Friend type love.
Read Ill care for you to find out what happens :)


5. killer

Allie'a p.o.v

 We ate and laughed. We were a happy family.When we finished mum offered to clean the kitchen and CC helped her also. I went in the lounge picking a movie for us to watch. Just then the door rung. "ill get it mum" i said running to the door. Ugh, I only had on my over sized shirt. Oh well, i opened the door.

 "how can i hel-" i was cut off with the person, i couldn't see the face, barging in the house. "hey get out" i said but the person walked into the kitchen were mum and CC were. My eyes widen and i ran following behind the person into the kitchen. "MUM" I yelled. She turned around and the person had pulled out a gun. "NOOO" i screamed. The person shot my mother. CC was my the trash can so she wasn't in the way. The man pushed me out the way and ran out the house. "NOOO" I yelled again. I ran over to her side. The person shot her in her stomach. CC came to my side. She looked scared, didn't know what to do. "Mum" i said scared. Tears falling down my face.

 "Allie" she said, struggling to breath. "Allie, re-remeber what i told you" she said. Her eyes closing. "MUM MUMMY" I yelled. I got up and ran to get my cell phone, then running back to my mum's side. I called the police and told the everything. "okay i need for you to check for pulse" the lady on the other line said. I did as i was told and checked. "YES Yes there pulse" i said. "okay i need for you to keep your mother awake, well be there in 3 mins." the lady said.

 CC was by my side silently crying. I did everything i could to try to keep my mum awake. I check for her pulse once again but couldn't find it. I placed my head to her chest but nothing. I didn't fell her breathing. I cried my eyes out, holding CC. Just the the police and ambulance came busting through the door. They ran into the kitchen and saw us. They went around me and CC and rushed to my mother.

 After 15 mins of trying, they looked at us sadly. "Miss im so so sorry but," a police officer said. "No no no no no" i said. starting to cry again. "im sorry" they said. They lift her up on one of those beds and took her out. I stood up off the floor with CC in my arms sleep.

"Miss do you might know or think you know who did this?" An officer asked. I shook my head no. I looked at were my mother was laying on the floor. Blood everywhere. "Miss-" "its Allie" i said. "here's my number Allie if you need anything or if anything happens." my guess the captain of the police group or whatever said. "thanks" i said taking  the paper out his hand.  

"Allie do you have any body to stay with? a relative? friend?" a police officer asked. I nodded my head. I thought of Harry. "we need for you and your sister?" the lady said. i nodded. "okay i need for you two to pack your things and head over there. we cant have you to living here. its not safe. the killer could come back." the lady said. I nodded my head.   

 I carried CC and myself up the stairs to pack our clothes. It was now noon. I grabbed a suitcase for me and CC to pack our things. I packed all our clothes and a few pair of shoes and i packed my mothers jewlery and a few of her shirts. I placed CC on my bed while i packed our things. I picked my phone up and dialed Harry's phone number. After 2 rings he answered.

 Me: Harry! 

Harry: Allie whats wrong what happened?!

Me: Harry i need for you to come pick me and my sister up ill explain once we get back to your house hurry!

    end of call. 


 Harry's p.o.v 

Allie hadn't call me last night but i thought she was just spending time with her little sister. I woke up around 11. I showered and made breakfast for me and the family. We had just finished up eating. 

 I had got a call from Allie. She seemed scared, upset. She told me to go pick her and her sister up. "mum ill be back im going to go pick Allie up" i said. I ran out the door, jumped in my car and drove to Allie's house. When i got there, there was a lot of police men at her house. I got scared and i wanted to know what was going on. I parked the car and called her telling her i was outside. She said she was coming. 

 She came out wearing nothing but a over sized t-shirt (and of course underwear but you couldn't see it) and her sister was wearing a night gown. Allie had came over to the car and i got got out helping her. I took CC out of her hands and she went back inside. Not long she came out with 2 suitcases and a car seat. She put the car seat in and i helped her put CC in her car seat. I popped the trunk and took the bags out her hands placing them in the back. She got in the car buckled up. I got in also. I didn't ask no questions till we got to the house. 

 Once we arrived, She took CC out her car seat and i took her bags and we walked inside. Everyone was sitting in the lounge. "oh hi Allie" they said. She ignored them and just walked up to my room i'm guessing. "ugh i dont know whats wrong ill ask her" i said picking her bags up and walking up there myself.

Once i get up there i see her crying. She had placed CC  in the bed (she was sleeping). I dropped the bags and went over to her side. "hey, hey, Allie whats wrong what happened?" i said trying to comfort her. She crawled in my lap, crying her eyes out. I let her cry. "When your ready ill be waiting for you to tell me" i said to her and kissed her forehead. "HARRY" my mum yelled.  I picked her up and placed her in my bed, walking out the room to see what my mother wanted. Before i closed the door, "Harry" she whispered. "yes" "i-i love you" she said. 

 I closed the door and ran downstairs. "yes mum" i said to her. Her eyes watery. I was confused. I looked over at Bell. She pointed to the telly. I looked at what it was, and on was the news. I sat on the couch listening. The news guy was talking bout a shooting. I looked at the picture of the house they showed and it was, it was Allie's house. Tears started forming in my eyes. I continued to listen. 

 The man said that a woman age of 32 died this morning in the house. The ladies name was...Mary. I bawled out crying. We all did. Now i know why Allie is upset. And ill be there for her to care for her. I got up and wanted to tell Allie how sorry i am for her, but mum stopped me. "Harry, let her rest" she said. "well talk to her when she's ready" Bell said. So much anger build up in me. "WHO COULD HAVE DONE THIS" i said, more like yelled. We were all a family. Mary was another like mother to me and it hurt hear what just happened. "Harry we dont know" Mum said. She hugged me tight. And i hugged her back not letting go. 

 ----that evening----

 Allie's p.o.v

i woke up screaming and crying. I had a bad dream that the killer came after me and my sister. i looked to my side and she was sitting there watching t.v. i pulled her into my lap. "Allie-gatthor...is, is mummy go be okay" she asked me. I didn't know how to tell her that mum was gone, that it was just me and her. "sweet cheeks, just no it just me and you now okay" i said kissing her cheeks. She nodded and i hugged her tight. I was not gonna let anything happen to her. 

I grabbed a out fit for both me and Celly to put on. We were still in our pj's. I grabbed the clothes and her and went into the bathroom. I bathed her and showered myself also. Once we were dress, i did our hair. CC was wearing some purple shorts and a black shirt with some socks. And as for myself i was wearing some grey sweat pants with a blue tang top. I brushed her black hair back and braided it in one braid going back, and i had put my hair in a messy bun. 

 I grabbed her hand and we walked downstairs. "Allie were are we" she asked looking up at me. "were at Harry's house love" i said.  Once we got downstairs, I saw Harry...but he wasn't alone. The boys were there also. I picked CC up and put her on my waist. "ugh Hi" i said. Harry had gotten up from his seat and came by me. I turned and faced him. "were's ur mum and Bell and Roger." i asked. "Mum went over to Aunt Mag's along with Bell and Roger. Mum thought that you might wanted to be left alone, but i said that ill stay." he said. i nodded. "Allie im so sorry" he said. "how do you know?" i asked. "it was on the news" "oh" i said. 

 He stepped to the side and the boys were all looking at me and CC. "come" he said. I looked at CC and she looked shy. I kissed her cheek and set her down. She held my hand and we walked over to a empty chair. I picked her up and placed her on my lap. "hey" all the boys said, "hi" i said. "so who's this cutie?" Liam said referring to CC. I looked at her and she spoke and said "im CC". I smiled, looking at them. "her full name's Celly" i said. "nice to meet you" they said smiling. I looked at Harry and mouthed to him 'do they know' and he just nodded his head. I saw Lou mouthed to Harry if CC was my child. I burst out laughing. He darted his head tord me and gave a confused look, along with the other boys. "dude really? she's my sister" i said smiling shaking my head. "oh" he said. the boys laughed at Louis to. He felt embarrassed i guess.

 "Allie im so sorry for your lost" the boys said. "its fine, im okay" i said. "good, cos your gonna have awesome friends that's gonna be by your side and caring for you" Lou said. "right guys" Harry said. "yeah" Liam, Niall and Zayn said. I smiled "thanks guys but im telling you now that im not gonna take it like most people do even tho they cant control it" i said. "take it like how?" Zayn asked. I looked at him and said "like the cutting, not eating, which i cant do I LOVE food" they laughed. "also the not talking, i just don't want it to be brought up" i said bouncing CC on my lap. They nodded. "now, can we eat?" i asked. They just chuckled and nodded.

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