I'll care for you

Harry and Allie are best friends. Nothing could tare them apart. What happens when there are some benefits in their friendship? Can Allie and Harry be more then friends? Allie is left on her own to take care of her sister after the accident of her mother. Allie's dad comes back for Allie and CC but what will take place when that happens? Harry will be there, through it all caring for her. There is a lot of love in this story. Family type love. Passionate type love. Friend type love.
Read Ill care for you to find out what happens :)


7. first day working

Harry's p.o.v

 Not long after Allie went to bed, i did to. The boys and I all sleep downstairs on the couch or on the floor. I set my alarm to 8:30. i wanted to wake up early so i could find a presentable out fit and also have time to make breakfast. I got up with out waking the other boys and made my way upstairs. 

 When i got up there i quietly walked in , not wanting to wake up the girls. I made my way to my closet, i opened it up and looked for an outfit. I found a pair of pants to wear which was a pair of black skinny jeans but i couldn't find a shirt. "what shirt?" i kept asking myself. "what shirt?" i repeated. 

 "how bout that you" i heard some one say. I jumped in fright but relax when i saw it was just Allie. She giggled and i pulled her in for a hug. "why up so early" she asked. "I wanted to find a outfit and to fix everyone breakfast" i said. "well here take this shirt...and we can make breakfast in 15 mins" she said, handing me a sky blue and navy blue plaid shirt. I would wear my white converse. 

 She pulled me to the bed with her. We got in the bed and cuddled for a bit. Allie drifted off to sleep again but i stayed up thinking about what would the first day be like. -15 mins later- "Allie" i said nudging her. She had a arm around my waist, her head on my chest and a leg on top of mine. "Allie wake up" i said. She hugged me tight. "good morning" she said. "morning love" i replied, and kissed her forehead. 

 "im gonna go shower" she said. "ill join you" i said being the cheeky me. She giggled and nodded. She walked in the closet and grabbed a bra and panties, and some clothes for the day. We went into the bathroom quietly and started the water. i undress her and she undress me. Her cold hands touching my body. We got in and wet our selves. I placed my hands on her waist and pulled her body on mine. She turned her body around and put her hands on my neck. I smiled and leaned in to kiss her. She kissed back passionately. I pulled away and stared at her beautiful body. She giggled like a little girl. I pulled her into a hug. 

 We didn't stay in long but we did have like 2 make out sessions. When we got out we got dress. Me wearing the out fit i picked out with the help of Allie. And she wore, white skinny jeans with a purple lace shirt but with a black tang top under. She wore her Purple Jordan's. Since her hair got wet she blow dried it in Bell's room so she wouldn't wake CC, and left her hair down. Naturally curly. I kissed her lips. She playfully pushed me back. it was now 9:15. She picked CC up out of bed and carried her downstairs. Allie would be a greet mum. Speaking of Mum, Allie needs Mum to watch CC.  

 I text her: 'Mum me and Allie got accepted to work at the bakery around the block...thing is we have the same hours so are you able to come home and watch CC?' i send the text and a minute later she replied. 'sure sweetie, i'm on my way home anyways'. I placed my phone on the table and went into the kitchen to help Allie cook. She cooked while carrying CC in her arms. -5 mins later- Half way done cooking. Mum came thro the doors. "Harry" she said. "in here" i said. She came in the kitchen. "hi mum" i said and kiss her cheek. "hi sweetie, who are the boys in the lounge?" she said. oh yeah i forgot that mum hasn't met the boys. "there just friends of me and Allie from school." i said. "ugh okay" she said. Allie laughed and i chuckled. "don't worry they'll be out when we leave" i re-sured her. "okay" she said. 

 "here" Allie said, passing sleeping CC into mum's arm. She laughed. "aw she still sleeping?" stating the obvious. "yea" Allie said. "were's Roger and Bell?" i asked. Still at Aunt Mag's, they were still sleeping...i told Aunt Mag ill get them later." she said. I nodded. "well ill be up stairs...come tell me when your leaving" she said making her way upstairs. "okay" we said. 

 We finished cooking. "Harry how do you wake the boys?" Allie asked. "i guess yell at them?" i said. She had that 'really, are you serious' face on. I chuckled, "come on" i said. She took my hand and we walked in the lounge. "okay instead of yelling at them, whats one thing each guy loves the must or always mention?" she asked me. "'ugh..." i thought. "okay well, Lou talks bout this bird named Kevin-" i said. "okay hold on" she said. She walked up to Louis and got close to his ear. "OMG KEVIN" she yelled in his ear. I burst out laughing. "where what happen?!" Louis freaked. She giggled. "oh your up" she said like nothing happened. Louis rubbed his eyes and watched us.

"okay Zayn likes his hair" "kk, watch" she said. She walked up to Zayn and went close to his ear. "OMG ZAYN YOUR HAIR" she said. "oh my god what happened to it" he said getting up looking in a mirror that hanging on the wall. Me Lou and Allie burst out laughing. "duuuddddees" he said whining. "good morning" we said. "okay Liam's affraid of spoons" Lou said. "okay" She walked up to Liam and said in a creepy voice 'spoons'. "sppooonsss, sppoooonnnsss" she said. "no NO noooo" Liam said. we burst out laughing. Liam's was the funniest. He woke up from our laughter.

"last but not least Niall" she said. "oh that's easy 'FOOD'" Lou. "how bout we all do it?" she said. "On the count of 3 say your favorite food" she said. We nodded. "one...two...three" "CARROTS,COOKIES,CHICKEN,TACOS,CHOCOLATE" we all said. "mmmmm" Niall said waking up. We just laughed. "good morning Nialler" Allie said. "morning" he said. "breakfast is ready" I said. 

----after breakfast---

 Me and Allie cleaned the kitchen up after everybody ate. It was now 10:45, and it took 5 mins to get to the  bakery. "are you ready to go?" i asked her, drying my hands off. "yup she said, putting the plate of food for CC and Mum in the microwave. "come'on" i said taking her hand. We ran upstairs and told Mum bye. The boys left after Breakfast. I told them we could hang out tomorrow or something. 

 We ran out side and jumped in my car. "are you nervous?" she asked me. "no, you know im an amazing baker" i said. She giggled. "yea you are" she said. "how bout you?" i asked her, starting the car. it was now 10:50. "nah...ugh a little i cant bake that like one thing i cant do i might just take orders." she said. I laughed and nodded. I drove off and less then 3 mins we were there. 

"wanna wait till it's 11 or just go in?" i asked her it was now 10:54. "lets go in so we can make a good expression" she said. I laughed and nodded. We got out the car and walked inside together. The sign said close. It really opens up at 12 but i guess John wanted us to prepare our selves. When we got inside John was sitting at a table drinking some coffee. i faked cough to get his attention. Allie smirked at me because i could have just said 'excuse me'.

"oh your early but that's good." he said. We smiled and nodded. He told us what we had to do and introduced us to some of our co-workers. There was 2 other boys and another girl. Everyone was around our age, 16-18. "since i was an experienced bakery i got put on the baking duty with the 2 guys named Matthew and Avery.  Allie was taking orders with the girl name Holly. 

Allie's p.o.v

 "Hi im Allie" i said introducing myself to Holly. "hey nice to meet you, Holly" she said smiling. I returned a smile back. "just telling you Avery's mines" She said. "okay thanks for telling me" i said. Matthew is who really caught my attention. "so your with Harry" she said. HARRY. "oh no we just really close friends" i said. "oh" We were at the table talking, there wasn't much for us to do because we only take the orders. She was telling me about Avery and all. I wasn't really listening. "now there's Matthew or Mat" she said. That's when my ears opened up. "He's shy, but fun once you get to know him, he also sensitive but he knows how to handle a problem and he's also a sweet heart, wouldn't hurt a fly."she said. I nodded like i wasn't really into him. She forgot to mention he was Finnneeee. i mentally thought. Harry came in my head but i just shook him out. We were just friends with benefits. 

 We just kept talking getting to know each other. But i had that feeling where as if some one was watching me. 

 ------opening time---

 the bakery just opened and my shift just started. Holly did the cash register and i went around grabbing people's order that sat at the tables. I put on a smile and had a good attitude. Maybe if i was nice or whatever they would tip me.

Me: Hi can i take your order?

person: Hi yes i'd like a cup of tea and a blueberry muffin. 

Me: would that be all for you today sir?

Person: yes thank you

Me: yup and ill be right back with that 

  the man nodded and i walked to the stand to give the boys the order. Just my luck Matthew was there to take it from me. "hey" he said. "hi" i replied smiling. I turned around and went to take some ones else order. 

Me: hi what can i get for you today?

girl: hi i take a orange juice with a slice of your carrot cake

me: ok coming up 

 i walked back to the stand and this time it was Harry. "having fun?" he asked me. I nodded. "made friends with the boys?" i asked. "ugh i guess you could say s-" he was cut off by Avery saying "hey curly no PDA". The boys just laughed. "he wish he could get some" i said pushing his head back. The boys laughed at my comment. "bye curly" i said grabbing my first customers order. I walked over and gave him his tea and blueberry muffin. 

Today went by fast it was actually fun. Me and Harry became good friends with the guys and Holly. We're all gonna hang out after work which is in another 2 hrs. 

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