I'll care for you

Harry and Allie are best friends. Nothing could tare them apart. What happens when there are some benefits in their friendship? Can Allie and Harry be more then friends? Allie is left on her own to take care of her sister after the accident of her mother. Allie's dad comes back for Allie and CC but what will take place when that happens? Harry will be there, through it all caring for her. There is a lot of love in this story. Family type love. Passionate type love. Friend type love.
Read Ill care for you to find out what happens :)


19. Dad...?

Allie's p.o.v . 

I walked in making my way to the food court that was all the way upstairs. when i got up there i saw a lot of people. Just then i got a text. I pulled out my phone. "im sitting at the table in the back, hood up" the person said. He or she must have spotted me. How tho? How did this person know what i looked like? I turned around and finally spotted the person.

 I walked over there slowly. I was breathing a little heavy. Nothing could happen. I thought, there's to many people here for this person to make a move or anything. I finally came up to the table. My body shaking uncontrolable. This person had his face down. I pulled the chair out that was in-front of this person. The person lifted there head up. Wearing black sunglasses. I could tell by the face shaped it was a man. "Allie" He said in a soft whisper. "who are you" i said back. "Allie i-im" He started. "i said who are you" i repeated. He took his glasses off and hood. 

Tears forming in my eyes. No this cant be happening. "Allie im so sorry" he said. "you did this?" i asked. "Allie, It was the medicine, i was drunk" he said. Now tears streming down my face.  "how? why? why did you do this? she was all we had after you left" i said. "you left us" i whispered. "Allie im truly sorry. i Love you girls dearly, i couldn't stay with your mother, she wouldn't let me take you girls." he said. I didn't say anything. I was now crying HARD. A few people looked our way. I was breathing hard. "Allie i never wanted to hurt your mo--" i cut him off. "NOOOO" i yelled. I gripped my stomach leaning over. He leaned over the table grabbed my hand. I yanked it back tho. "dont touch me!" i said. Every one was now looking at us. "you murder" i whispered. "Allie don't say that" he said. "YOU MURDER" i yelled. I stood up. I was walking away, i just stopped in the middle if the food court. I fell on my knees. i bawled my eyes out, yelling. "NOOOOO" i keep saying. Why him? Why my own father? i keep asking myself in my head. Why me?. 

 A few people came up to me and helped me up. Still crying. I pushed them away. I looked around to see if he was still there. I spotted him. I took off my heels and  I walked in full speed over to him. Every one had there eyes on me. I tapped him on his shoulder and he turned around and looked at me. "YOU BITCH" i said and pushed him. "Allie" he said. I pushed him again, cursing at him. 

 Harry's p.o.v

 Me and Zayn were at the mall with his sisters. We walked to the food court and we noticed there was a crowed of people around two other people. I head a girls voice just cursing. I looked at Zayn and He looked at me. I wonder if he was thing the same thing as me. Was that Allie? I told him to wait here with the girls.

 i walked over to the crowed pushing my way in. yup there was Allie. I looked at who she was hitting. "You bitch how could you" she said. "How could you do this?! i cried myself to sleep for a month after you left!" i heard her say. Was...Was that her dad?

"ALLIE" i said. I stepped in and grabbed her. "Allie lets go" i said. "No Harry" she said trying to get loose out my grip. "No Allie lets go" i said. I grabbed her around her waist and pulled her back. The man was laying on the ground. I through Allie over my shoulders and walked out the mall to the front entrance. I placed her down and looked at her. I placed my hands on her cheeks. "Allie what the hell happened?" i asked her. She was crying and her face was stained from crying. I whipped her tears away and pecked her cheek. "Allie" i whispered. "it was him" she said. What was she talking bout? "Allie it was him, he-he killed her" she said. "your fath-" i said. "yea" she nodded crying more. I pulled her into a hug and we stood just hugging. I pulled her out of my arms. "lets go home" i said. She nodded. I interlocked our hands and called a cab.

 The cab arrived 5 mins later. We got in the cab and i gave him the directions to my house. Along the way there Allie fell asleep.

When we arrived i paid the man, i lifted Allie up in my arms carrying her bridal style and we walked in the house. I didn't say anything to anyone. I walked us upstairs and then I placed her in my bed. When she wakes up ill ask her more things about what happened. I texted Zayn that i went home with Allie and that ill explain later. I took Allie's phone out her pocket and saw she had 3 calls from El and a text. I texted her back and told her that ill explain everything to her later also. I got in the bed and cuddled with Allie. And soon drifted off to sleep as well even tho it was  4pm. 


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