I'll care for you

Harry and Allie are best friends. Nothing could tare them apart. What happens when there are some benefits in their friendship? Can Allie and Harry be more then friends? Allie is left on her own to take care of her sister after the accident of her mother. Allie's dad comes back for Allie and CC but what will take place when that happens? Harry will be there, through it all caring for her. There is a lot of love in this story. Family type love. Passionate type love. Friend type love.
Read Ill care for you to find out what happens :)


4. cinemas with the boys

(this chapter is going to be a little sad)

Allie's p.o.v

 We arrived at the cinema's. Me and Harry still sitting in the car. "don't worry, the'll love ya" he said. "thanks, ready"i asked. "yea" he said. We got out the car, walking up to the other boys who had there backs turned from us. "hey guys this is Allie" Harry said. They turned around looking at me. "ugh hey" i said looking at them trying to read there faces. "well hello there i'm Liam" Liam said. "Annnnd i'm LOUIS" Louis said. "the names Niall" Niall said. I smiled at them all. I thought them would be stuck up and mean. "And last but not least Zayn" Zayn said. "nice to meet you all" i said. "you too" Niall said taking my hand and kissing it. *fake cough* Harry did. I giggled and we walked in. "What would you like?" Harry asked me. "um Harry...i'd like 1 large popcorn 2 m&m's a medium drink coke and 2 hot dogs" i said.

Harry's p.o.v

 "damn girl but you just had a lot for breakfast" i said. She giggled and blushed. "No but really that' what i want." she said. I chuckled and nodded. 

 Walking over to the counter i got everything Allie wanted and just grabbed myself some water. "here" i said giving her her food. "Harry your the best" she said. " i know". We walked over to the rest of the boys. "damn!!" they said looking at all the food Allie got. "is that all for you?" Niall asked. "ugh...yea, small girl but big no more like HUGE appetite" she said. "nice" Niall said. He had as much as Allie. "we should go the shows about to start" Liam said. 

  We walked in and found seats. The seating order was Louis, Me, Allie,Niall Liam then Zayn. The movie started. Half way through i was scared along with Liam, Niall, and Zayn. "Allie finished her food. DAMN. She nudged me. "what?" i asked scared. "can u go get me another hot dog?" she whispered. "oh me to Harry" Niall said. "fine" i said. i got up and got there stupid hot dog. 

 When i returned Allie was sitting by Lou now. I didn't make a deal so i just gave her her hot dog and finish watching the movie. Allie was strange. She laughed at the scary parts and booed at the parts when nothing happened. Lou was laughing his ass off, so was the other boys. Allie would though her left over popcorn in the bucket at the screen (even tho it couldn't reach) when the boring parts came on.

 The movie ended and i was glad. We walked out the theater and to the front of the building. "MAN that movie was BULL-" Allie said but i cut her off. "Allie" i said looking at her. "oh sorry" she said. The boys broke out in laughter. I couldn't help but to also. "man Allie your fun to hang out with" Lou said. "yea" the boys said. She just blushed. "unlike these scaredy pants" Lou said. Allie laughed at his joke. "hey, they understand the loving of food like we do" Niall said. She kept laughing but calmed down. It was now 4 pm. "it was nice hanging out with you guys thanks" she said. "anytime" Liam said. We were making our way to the door saying our goodbyes. Allie exchanged numbers with all the boys. A part of me felt jealous.

 Allie's p.o.v

I had got all the boys phone numbers.I had fun today. Me and Harry got in the car and we drove off. "so do you want me to take you home?" he asked me. I smiled, "trying to get red of me huh styles?" i said joking. "NO no i was just wonder-" he said. "chill i was only kidding" i said laughing. "oh" he said. "but yes i would like for you to take me home. I wanna see my CC" I said. He and nodded. 

 Something was up. I could feel it. He wasn't acting normal. "Harry what's wrong?" i asked him. "what?" he said. "whats wrong your acting, quite" i said. "nothing" he said with a small smile. I half smiled back to him. I placed my hand on his thigh and started  stroking it smoothly to tease him. A moan escape his mouth. I giggled, removing my hand. We arrived at my house.

 "I'll call you later, yeah?" i say. "yeah" he replied, looking deeply into my eyes. He leaned in and kiss me passionately on the lips. I of course kiss back.    We pulled away, "bye Harry" i said stepping out the car. "bye beautiful, tell Mary i said hi and Celly" he said. I nodded and ran up to my door. Turning around one more time waving bye. 

   When i entered the house, Mum was sitting on the couch with Celly watching the telly. "hey mom Hi sweet pie" "hi babe" mum said. "hi Al's" CC said. I joined them in the lounge. "so how was yester-" she stopped and started coughing, hard. "mum are you ok" i said. *cough* "yea sweetie" she said getting up for a glass of water. "well, yesterday was fun..me Roger, Harry and Bell went swimming in the pool and then we watched finding Nemo and ordered pizza" i said picking CC up and following mum in the kitchen.

 I set CC down on the counter, me between her small legs. She was playing with my hair. I smiled and kissed her small little nose. "mum, are you sure your okay?" i asked again. "yea swetti-" before she finish saying what she was i cut her off. " mum you can tell me" i said to her. "CC go play in the lounge" i told her, setting her down on the floor. She crawled in the lounge.

"Mum whats wrong" i said again. She begins crying. I was getting nervous, scared. "Sweetie, it's time i tell you" she started. "Allie... about a year or so ago i was diagnosed with breast cancer" she said. My eyes watered and i started crying. "mum.." i said. "Allie -" she started "Allie the doctors said that it would get worse, and i think that time is happening". I cried my eyes out. She came up to me and we hugged tight. "Allie I love you, you and CC." she said. "I love you to mummy" i said crying in her shoulder.

 it was now 7 pm. I was in the bathroom bathing CC. And she was splashing everywhere! "CC stop" i said. She started giggling and i couldn't help but to laugh also. I still felt hurt that Mum has breast cancer, and she never told me. I was looking at CC's face figure, reminding so much of mum. "CC how bout we have a sleepover with mummy and then surprise her in the morning?" i said smiling. "yea!" she said happily. I smiled at her. I finished her up and got her dress. Putting her night gown on. 

 I placed her in my bed and turned on Spongebob for her. I told her to wait for me while i shower. I went in and bathed. Not long, i got out slipping on a over sized t-shirt. I walked out the bathroom and joined CC in the bed. "wanna go brush mummy hair" i asked her. She nodded sleeply and i picked her up on my back and we went into mummy's room. 

She was in the bed laying down. "hi mum" i said pulling CC off my back and on the bed. "mummy" CC said. Mum sat up and smiled bright at us. I smiled back to. "can we sleep in here mum?" i asked. She nodded. "my two beautiful girls" she said kissing our foreheads. We laid in the bed watching cindrella. CC fell asleep first. "Allie" i turned and looked at her. "yea mum" i whispered, not waking CC. "Allie i love you, i know that your father walked out on us but we were there for each other and i want you to be there for your sister, no matter what. I know when she grows up she might be a pain but she'll be happy that you were there for her" mum said silently crying. A tear escape my eye to. "mum i'll always be there for CC." i said. "I love you to". 

 We not to long fell asleep to.


 I woke up first, making sure to have breakfast read y by the time mum usually wakes up. I left CC sleep a little longer. Ill have her give mum the flower.   I walked downstairs into the kitchen, taking the eggs, pancakes, bacon, toast, waffles out. I started with the pancakes first since it took the longest to make for all of us. After making a dozen i made the bacon following the eggs. Popping the waffles and toast down in the toaster. Last but not least i took the syrup down and jelly and the beautiful rose i wanted to give mum. But was gonna have CC give it to her.

 I walked upstairs and woke CC up. "come on" i whispered to her. Mum always woke up at 10 and it was 2 mins to 10. I carried CC downstairs and i gave her the rose. I sat the table up for us and right on time mum came downstairs. "Suprwise mummy" CC said in her cute little baby voice. "surprise mum" i said hugging her. "aww thanks so much girls." she said, "its wonderful and looks tasty." i giggled and nodded. "here mummy" CC said handing mum the rose. "aww this is beautiful" she said, picking CC up and kissing her cheeks while CC giggled. "Lets eat" i said. 

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