I'll care for you

Harry and Allie are best friends. Nothing could tare them apart. What happens when there are some benefits in their friendship? Can Allie and Harry be more then friends? Allie is left on her own to take care of her sister after the accident of her mother. Allie's dad comes back for Allie and CC but what will take place when that happens? Harry will be there, through it all caring for her. There is a lot of love in this story. Family type love. Passionate type love. Friend type love.
Read Ill care for you to find out what happens :)


23. Allie...

Allie's p.o.v

 After we left El's house we drove home, calling it a day. I was up in my room, silently crying. CC in my lap, with me stroking her hair. I didn't want anything to happen to her. CC's my world. I heard a knock on the door.

 "come in" i said. Came in was Harry. "hey" he whispered. "hey" i said. He came and stood by me. He kneeled down to my level since i was sitting on the bed, and he whipped my tears away. "hey don't cry" he said comforting me.  I closed my eyes and relaxed my body. "i love you" i said to him. "i love you to" he said and pecked my lips. "Are you hungry?" he asked me. I nodded. I picked CC up, carrying her on my side. Harry grabbed my free hand. We walked downstairs. I had placed a blanket down so i could lay CC down.

I walked into the kitchen watching Harry cook. I placed my hands around his waist and hugged him from behind. He turned around and kissed me. I half smiled and he gave me a tight hug. "Harry what am i gonna do" i said with my face in his shirt. "well figure it out" he said to me., turning around to finish making the grilled cheese.

 We sat at the table eating our food. "What?" Harry asked taking a bit of his food. I smiled and shook my head. I just kept starring at him like some creeper. i truly love Harry. Oh and if your wondering were everyone is Belle's staying the night at her friends and the same with Roger and Anne is over at Harry's grandparents helping them out.

 I finished my food, setting my plate in the trash. Harry was still eating. Gosh he was a slow eater!. i walked behind him placing my hands on him. I ran my hands through his hair then i sat on his lap looking him in his eyes. He was chewing his food. I smiled at him and i waited till he swallowed. He smiled back at me silly like. "i love-" he started but i cut him off by kissing him passionately. i pulled away. "i love you to" i said. he smiled at me and i did to. When he smiles his eyes gleam. I loved that bout him.

With my legs around both sides of him, looking into each others eyes. He placed his hands on my side leaning in. We kissed ever so passionately. Me kissing him harder, the chair was tipping back. We fell backwards. I pulled away from with a smile on my lips. "are you okay?" he asked me. "i smiled nodding. "yea" i said and leaned in closer to him. "It's getting late come on" i said teasing him.  We looked into each others eyes and he kissed me. I moaned a bit. "come on" i said getting up. He got up fixing the chair.

I walked back into the lounge were CC was sleeping. I picked her up and walked upstairs placing her in the bed. I Put her in the middle so she wont fall off the bed, and walked into Harry's room. "hey" i said to him. He sat up smiling. I walked over to him and got in the bed next to him. "where were we?" he said pulling me onto him. I smiled kissing him.

things then got outta control. We were both naked, making love to each other. "i love you Harry" i said to him. "i love you to" he said and kissed me. 

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