I'll care for you

Harry and Allie are best friends. Nothing could tare them apart. What happens when there are some benefits in their friendship? Can Allie and Harry be more then friends? Allie is left on her own to take care of her sister after the accident of her mother. Allie's dad comes back for Allie and CC but what will take place when that happens? Harry will be there, through it all caring for her. There is a lot of love in this story. Family type love. Passionate type love. Friend type love.
Read Ill care for you to find out what happens :)


1. school's out

Allie's p.o.v

 Today was the last day of school. I silently counted the last 10 seconds in my head. "riiiinnnnggg" the bell rung. I jumped out my seat throwing my papers in the air. I ran to my locker, opening it and grabbing my back pack. i tied my long black hair into a messy bun, and ran down the hall to the front of the school exiting the building. I stood bye the bike racks and there I waited for Harry to come.

 We always meet by the bike rack. Harry was my bestiest friend in the whole world. He was only older then me by a month, were both 18.Anyways, i pulled out my phone noticing i had got a text from my mum telling me to grab some milk on the way home. i smiled shaking my head. Me and my mum had a close relationship, ever since my dad walked out on us when i was just 14. But i always felt she was keeping something from me, i just don't know. I replied back to her saying 'yea sure'. "hey" i heard a familiar voice say placing hands on my waist. i turned around facing him, Harry. "hey curly" i said smiling. "so i was wondering you wanna come over today and go swimmin' in the pool with me, Bell and Roger?" he asked, his hands still placed on my waist.  Bell was his older sister and Roger was his little brother. i giggled, Harry's so cheeky. I placed my hands on his and removed his hands still smiling. "yeah Ill love to, but i gotta stop by the store and grab some milk for my mum" i said. "sure, are you re-" he said but got cut off my his other friends. "HARRY" the one with stripes said.

 I stood there awkwardly. I wasn't the cutest girls in school, and wasn't the popular. I only had Harry. But he was so adorable, fun and outgoing. He had a lot of friends. But Harry was always hung with me. Harry was always with me. We met when we were 12. Harry was my first REAL friend and he was my first kiss. The kiss we shared was only done because both me and Harry hadn't had our first kiss yet so he thought we did it on each other. It was amazing may i say. But i never thought of him more then a friend.

 "ugh, i can't today i got plans" i heard him say to the blonde one. They must have asked him to do something. He looked over at me and winked. i blushed a bit. He always made me blush but he was just a cheeky kind of guy. 

"bye guys ill text'ya later" he said placing a hand on my back and we walked tords his car which he got last year for his birthday. He walked my to my side and opened the door for me and closed it, walking around to his side and getting in starting the car. "i still cant believe you passed your drivers test before me and then got a nice ass car" i said. He laughed at me and said "well dear, its just skills". I playfully hit his arm and turned the radio on blasting it. 'Thinkin' Bout You' by: Frank Ocean was playing. My eyes widen and i started singing. That was my all time favorite song by him. 

 When we arrived at the gas station I got out the car and ran in the store and grabbed some milk for my mum. I paid and ran back to the car skipping and flipping my hair everywhere causing it to come out the bun it was in.  I got in the car, almost tripping but played it off. Harry was looking at me funny looking like he wanted to laugh. "What?" i asked, he smiled "nothing your just weird" i giggled and said "step on it times running out" in a playing voice. "right the booms gonna exploded any minute AllieBear" he said starting the car again. We laughed the whole way to my house. I got out the car, looking at Harry in through the window smiling. He mouthed 'what' and i shook my head and opened the door again "dude aren't you coming?" i said. "oh, yes indeed" he said unbuckling. He stepped out the door and walked over by my side. He took the milk out my hands and ran up to the door i followed behind him.

 Once we got to the door i unlocked it walking in with Harry behind me. With huge smile on my face i took the milk away from Harry and walked in the kitchen placing it in the fridge. "MUM I'M HOME"i yelled still smiling. "why so smiley" he asked smiling himself. i shook my head no, looking down. He stood there looking at me with his gleaming green eyes. Not long my little sister, Celly came down in some shorts and a loose shirt on her. She was only 3 1/2 and adorable. "hey there sweet cheeks" i said picking her up. "hi Alli-alligator" she said. I placed my finger on my cheek and turned my head, indicating her to kiss my cheek and which she did. "good girl" i said.

 I turned and looked at Harry who was looking at Celly. "wanna meet my good friends here Harry?" i asked her. She nodded shyly. I smiled and waved for Harry to come. He walked over and took her out my arms. "hi there im Harry" he said smiling. He was so good with kids. "hi" Celly said.  "i'm C-Celly but, but you can call me CC" she said shy to entergetic. i laughed and she smiled. Just then mum came down, joining us. I got up greeting her. "hey mum" i said hugging her and kiss her cheek. "hi sweetie, hi Harry how are you? you've got so big" she said. He chuckled "im doing good how bout you" he says. "good thanks" she said. Harry puts CC down and she goes off running around the house. "did you bring the milk Allie?" Mum asks. "yup" i said popping the 'p'. 

 "Mum is it okay if i go over to Harry's to swim with him Bell and Roger?" i asked her. "yea sure" she said. "thanks mummy" i says and kiss her cheek. I ran upstairs in my room, Harry following behind me. Once we got in the room i close the door. "should i stay over?" i ask him. We always had sleep overs together. "yea sure if you'd like" he said. I smiled nodding. I went in my closet grabbing a bag to put my clothes in. I grabbed my pink bikini, some underwear and bra, some white shorts and a yellow plaid shirt for tomorrow. i walked back out my closet setting my bag on the bed next to Harry and then walked back in my closet taking off my school clothes, slipping on some jean shorts and a gray tang top with some back flip flops. I walked out once again out the closet. Harry was busy looking at his phone, he didn't notice me walking out the closet, so i walked around the bed so he wouldn't see me and climbed on the bed without bouncing on it. I came up behind him and got on my knees. I then jumped on his back causing him to jump up. I burst out laughing and he then grabbed on to my legs, not dropping me. He jumped, pulling me up on his back. "ready" i asked. "yea AllieBear" he said. He walked back over to the bed and grabbed my bag, zipping it up. He ran downstairs but carefully not dropping me.

 I jumped down off him and kissed Celly bye and giving her a hug, and my mum. "Mum can i stay the night?" i asked. "ugh...." she thought. "please please pleeeeaaassseee?" i begged. She giggled and nodded. I jumped up and down hugging her. "thanks mummy ill call you later". i said. "okay bye, Harry tell the kids and your mother i said hello" she said. "well do, bye" he said hugging her. "bye CC" he said to Celly. "bye Haz" she said. "new nickname" i said to him. He chuckled and we walked out the door.

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