16 year-old Talia has constantly moved around with her abusive parents for as long as she can remember. She has never stayed in one single place for a whole year. Talia's life changes when she finds out that she is Niall's long lost sister.


12. It's not like that

Talia's pov (Just in case you don't know Pov means Point Of View) and I am sorry about any grammar mistakes now don't be a grammar natzi because no one likes those and they are very annoying


"Who is she"

"Go away they don't want you"

"Who are you"

"Fame whore"

Harry came to my side as soon as all of their fans started yelling at me, it got a lot worse.

"Please don't call her names" he yelled into the crowd

"She only wants you for your money" one girl yelled

"how could he choose her over me, shes so ugly"

One girl pointed at me "Hey you, stay away from harry he's mine"

"We're no even dating" (Yet ;D ) I answered

Harry froze

"Oh, still stay away from my man!" she yelled

Can we please get out of here god,

I knew that One Direction was big, but not this big.  I couldn't believe it in a matter of minutes we were surrounded by screaming teenage girls ... and a few boys too (SIDENOTE!!! that was carlys in a draft that has been there for a few weeks)

finally paul sent them all away it was about time and what they said hurt I just won't show it.

"Hey are you okay" Louis asked me with sympathetic eyes

"Yeah I'm fine" I answered quietly

He looked at me with questioning eyes but shook it off

"We need a cover story, like now" Niall started

"Okay sadly Talia you need to be harry's FAKE girlfriend" Louis stated

"What no way in.... umm in... whatever" Niall said

"She is not dating harry" he started to raise his voice

"Niall, calm down its fake." Liam said

"It cant be me im dating elenor, Liam is dating dani, Zayn is dating perri and she is your sister" he stated

"They dont know that" Niall pointed outside

"No just eww" I said under my breath

"Niall come on" Zayn stated

"Fine, but here are my rules this is fake, no kissing or touching or anything unless were in public and there is paps are here, two this can not lead to a real relationship, and three the most important thing. No.. no stuff that you shouldn't be doing" He said that all in one breath. I tensed at the last part, if he only knew.

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