16 year-old Talia has constantly moved around with her abusive parents for as long as she can remember. She has never stayed in one single place for a whole year. Talia's life changes when she finds out that she is Niall's long lost sister.


11. I really need to see a doctor

Talia's P.O.V.

When Harry gave me a hug, I started to feel butterflies in my stomach   I had never experienced this before.  Was this normal?  I surely didn't feel like this when I hugged any of the other boys.  The butterflies started to fade away when Harry let go of me, but they quickly returned as soon as Harry put his arm around me.  I just sat there awkwardly trying to focus on the movie.  I silently wondered how many times Liam had watched the movie, because he seemed to know all the lines by heart.  When the movie ended Liam was left in tears.

"What? This movie just brings back so many memories?" Liam said defending himself.

"Yeah, like when your girlfriend watched Toy Story with you last time and you started crying, she called you a sissy and dumped you." Said Louis.  The boys burst out laughing.  I even giggled a little too.

"I'm hungry" Niall announced.

"When are you not?" replied Zayn.  Niall just rolled his eyes.

"How about we go to Nandos for linner." Niall suggested

"Linner?" i asked.

"It's what Niall calls the meal between lunch and dinner, but it's too big to be a snack."  said Zayn.

"Oh" I said, pretending like it made sense.

"Come on, I'm not getting any fuller." Niall said.  I followed him and the boys to their car.

_________________________________SKIPS BORING CAR RIDE_______________________________

"... 3 orders of the Peri Peri chicken, a large Pepsi, and a large order of chips... Do you think that will be enough?" Niall asked me?"  

"I think so, considering you ordered everything on the menu." I said rolling my eyes.  The rest on the boy and I quickly ordered, and we made our way to our table.  I sat in between Niall and Harry.  My heart was practically beating out of my chest from being so close to Harry...I really need to so a doctor.

"So Talia, what do you think?" asked Liam.  Oh god I was totally tuning them out.  I just sat there trying to come up with something to say when I was saved by two thirteen year old girls.

"A-A-are you One Direction?", one little girl asked

"Yes we are loves" said Zayn

"OMG! CAN WE HAVE YOUR AUTOGRAPHS!!" they said screaming.

"Of course", said Liam.

"Who's that.  She isn't one of your girlfriends is she?"  said one of the girls pointing at me.

"She's..... a friend" said Niall hesitantly.  All the screaming was making me uncomfortable.  Suddenly two more teenage girls came over, and before I knew it, we were surrounded by a crowd of screaming teenage girls.  Occasionally, one would say something rude to me, or give me a look.  I suddenly wished that looks could kill, because then i wouldn't have to be here surrounded my all these people.

Niall's P.O.V.

This isn't what I'd planned at all.  Don't get me wrong, I love my fans, but right now I just really wanted them to leave us alone.  Talia looked so uncomfortable.  I wasn't ready for everyone to know about her yet, and this was exactly the reason.  She was just going to get hate like all the other lads sisters.  I told people that she was just a friend, but that won't keep them satisfied for long.  They are going to keep asking more and more questions.  We really need to work on a cover story.


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