16 year-old Talia has constantly moved around with her abusive parents for as long as she can remember. She has never stayed in one single place for a whole year. Talia's life changes when she finds out that she is Niall's long lost sister.


2. i have never been so confused

Talia's P.O.V.

"Talia, get your lazy butt up here get me me a beer. NOW", my father screamed at the top of his lungs even though I was standing right next to him.  I ran as fast as I could to the fridge to grab him a beer.  If I took too long I would usually get punished.  "Here you go father", I said and handed him a Bud Light.  "YOU WORTHLESS PEICE OF TRASH I WANTED A CORONA!" her took the beer bottle they threw it at me.  I screamed as it hit my head and everything went black.


When I woke up, I was in a strange room.  There were doctors all around me along with a few nurses and police men.  "W Where am I..... where is my father."

"Don't worry about your 'father' Miss Horan.  He won't be hurting you anymore" said a policeman next to me.

"My father wasn't hurting me.  He was protecting me from my own ugliness and stupidity...and why did you call me Miss Horan."

Before the police man could answer, a middle aged woman ran through the door.  She had the same color eyes as mine and the same brown hair except hers wasnt long like mine, It was shoulder length and was slightly wavy.  She was crying.  "Oh Talia, I can't believe I have finally have my little girl back.  You have no idea how long I have been looking for you." she said in an Irish accent.  Then she pulled me into a hug.  I screamed what was she doing to me? Was she trying to hurt me?  She quickly pulled away.

"W What are you doing?" i said. "P please dont hurt me."  Tears were streaming down my face.

"I would never hurt you.  Your my daughter, I love you"

"What are you talking about....your not my mother."

"Come, I'll take you home and your father and I will explain everything." she said.

She left to let me change from my hospital gown into some clothes that she gave me.  After she signed some papers and i had a final check up from the doctor, I was ready to go.



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