this is my first movella so i really don't know how to write movellas. Please don't hate on it. Thanks :)

Esme Falls is a 18 year old that has a very special life. What happens when she meets with her childhood lover? Will this ruin her future? Read to find out.


3. You Have to be Kidding Me!

I carefully went  to S office. The girls were waiting for me with S. I wonder why. I got in S office and sat next to Ale and Ixtzel.

"Girls we got the picture of the family...well the band...you are to give the ring to." said S as he give each one of us the picture.

When I got mine and saw who it was I wanted to throw up. It was a picture of One Direction.

"Is this some sort of joke?" I asked S.

"No Agent Falls. Why is there a problem?"

"No. There is problem. S I'm not good for this mission. Excuse me." I said while standing up. "

Agent Falls I order you to sit down right now!" S yelled at me.

I felt all the anger built up on me. I sat down on my chair. My hands were shaking. I wanted to punch something really bad.

"Now Agent Falls you are the best agent we have her-"


"No buts! You are still in this mission! Not another word of you wanting to get out of this! Do you understand?!"

"Yes sir." I mumble.

"Now we heard that the guy with curly hair-"

"His name is Harry." Ale said shyly.

"Fine then,"said S ",Harry will give the ring to his mother. All of you know what to do."

"Yes sir." we all said united. "Now go. You have two hours to get ready to go to England." We left without another word.

"Need a ride,Es?" Ale asked.

"Nah, I brought my car today. See y'all in two hours!"

"Bye!" Jacky called out.

"Bye girly." I said and walked out of the building. I went to Starbucks again. I went to sit next to a window I took out my phone. I had a unread text.

'You ok Es?' It was Ixtzel.

'Yeah. Why?'

'Well one you look like you will kill someone in the meeting with S. Two you left without telling us were you were going when you know we are worry. And three you are driving your Fisker.'

Ixtzel knew when I drove my fisker I was...well let say you didn't want to get in my way. That or I want to race my fisker. Yes I race cars just for the fun of it.' I'm calm.Don't worry. :)'

'Ok. Where are you?'

'Nope. You won't find out.'

'Fine take care I'm get ready. Bye!'


"Esme!" yelled the guy behind the counter. "Thanks." I said 'Ummm......how long has it been since I race?' I thought. 'About 2 years? Yeah...' My thoughts were stopped when I bummed into someone. My coffee fell. 'Great.' I thought.

"I'm sorry love. I didn't see where I was going." said a male British voice. 'Ummm I have been hearing a lot of British accents' I thought. I look up to see a guy with brown hair and brown eyes. Right away I knew who he was. Liam Payne.

"It's ok. It was my fault to." I said while picking up my cup.

"Let me buy you another one. Please."

"No thank you. I'm running late anyway." I said as I got out of the shop.

"Please wa-wow." he said as he saw my car. My gray fisker always let everyone with their mouth open. "Do you need something or could I leave?" I asked harshly. I still mad from the meeting and I'm running late. Oh and I stuck here!

"Ummm....I just....ummm....I'm Liam." he said. I sigh as I got in my car. I roll my window down.

" I'm Esme." I said with a smile then left.

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