this is my first movella so i really don't know how to write movellas. Please don't hate on it. Thanks :)

Esme Falls is a 18 year old that has a very special life. What happens when she meets with her childhood lover? Will this ruin her future? Read to find out.


4. Uh-Oh

"Guess who I just saw and talked to." I told the girls.

"Who?" Alex asked.

"Oh I think I know who!" said Jacky sounding all excited.

"Who?!" yelled/asked Ale and Ixtzel.

"Who else! Mr.Harry Styles!!!"

"No I didn't!" I yelled. I felt my self blush a bit.

"Then who?!" they all yelled united.

"Mr.Liam Payne." I said

"SHIT!" I yelled as I hit the brakes!

"What happen?" asked Alex.

"I...almost...ran...over...a...old...lady." I said without breath.

It remain silent for less than a second, then you could hear them all laughing. "WHY ARE YOU GUYS LAUGHING?!! I ALMOST KILLED SOME OLD LADY!!!" I yelled as I got out of my fisker.

"Esme you are a professorial killer and your scare for almost killing a old lady?" ask Alex.

"I feel so stupid right now...got to go have to start packing. BYE GIRLS!" I said as I open my apartment's door.

"BYE!" they yelled united.

I laugh at them. They are so crazy sometimes. I ran to my room to get everything I needed. I put half for my clothes in a  suitcase. Some clothes where at my flat over at England. That and the girls and I were going shopping. I was about to close my suitcase when I heard the front door open and close. I took out the gun that was hidden in my boots I had on. I quietly walked down the stairs. I stop at the bottom stair and I carefully smash my back with the wall from the hallway. 1...2...3! I jumped out of the hallway with my gun pointing at the person.

"AHH! NO! NO! IT'S JUST ME!"said Ale as she puts her hands up.

" I THOUGHT I TOLD YOU TO KNOCK!!!!" I yelled as I put my gun down. "I'm sorry."

"It's ok. Are you okay?"

"Yeah. The girls are outside waiting inside the ca-" Ale was stopped when we both heard a sound outside in the backyard. I carefully went to the glass door to see who it was. My Alaskan dog, Jake, jumped in front of the door scraping the window so I could let him in. I laugh then turn to Ale. Her gun pointing in front of her.

"Don't shoot. Its just Jake." I said as I let him in.

When he gets in he runs upstairs like he always does.

"Why did you  name your dog Jake?" Ale asks.

"Long story. Tell you later. Right now lets run to the van so we won't miss our flight."

"Okay lets go!"

"England here we go!" I yell. 

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