this is my first movella so i really don't know how to write movellas. Please don't hate on it. Thanks :)

Esme Falls is a 18 year old that has a very special life. What happens when she meets with her childhood lover? Will this ruin her future? Read to find out.


6. The Plan

We got out of the van when we were in front of the airport. As we were getting out of the van I saw how the boys were getting out of their van.

"Shit." I mumble under my breath.

"What?" asked Jacky.

"They have a bodyguard. We won't be able to talk to them."

"Don't worry we will make it work."

"Fine." I said with a sigh.

"Okay girls," I said as I got in front of them,"you all know what to do right?" "Yeah."

"Okay keep your phone close to you in case we get separated." They just nodded their head.

"Lets go then." I said.

The boys went first which made it harder for us to get in the airport. Once inside we went directly to the plane that went to England. I made a few adjustments so me and the girls will be at the same plane. The plan we have was very simple. We talk to the boys, get any information that might be helpful to us, run to the house I have over at England, change in our costumes, run to the jewelry store to give them the ring, meet them again without our costumes, keep a close eye on the band and Harry's mom, and finally when everybody forgets about the ring the girls and I disappear out of the boys' life. Like they never met us. Simple.   

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