this is my first movella so i really don't know how to write movellas. Please don't hate on it. Thanks :)

Esme Falls is a 18 year old that has a very special life. What happens when she meets with her childhood lover? Will this ruin her future? Read to find out.


1. Mission

"Your mission is to give this ring to the family and make sure no one is looking for it. Take 4 more agents in this mission." said S.

I took the packet off the desk that had all the information that I will need.

"Here's the ring. Now be very careful with it." I took the ring and put it on. "It's beautiful." I said in awed.

"Now go and do this mission Agent Falls. Report anything out of the normal."

"Yes S." I said and left the office.

Let me tell you a bit of my self. My name is Esme Falls, I'm 18. I have long brown hair that reaches up to my waist, I have brown eyes, and I'm 5'6. I have no family. My mom and dad both die in a car crash when I was 11. At age 14 I was working as an agent. When I was 15 I have killed 50 men. I'm the best agent since I worked when I was younger. I work for my homeland, America. Well that's about it. When I got out of building I called for a taxi. A car stop in front of me. The window was down and I saw Alex, my best friend,in the driver seat.

"Going somewhere?" she ask.

"Yup. My apartment but I want to go to the bakery." I said.

"Hop in. I'll take you. Same bakery?"

"Yes please." I say as I get in.

We drove in silent when I gasp.

"What's wrong?" ask Alex.

"Well I need to get 4 agents for a mission and well I was think that you should be one of the agents." Alex stops the car and I look out of the window. We were in front of the bakery. When I turn around to look at her she was looking at me.

"Are you sure?" she ask.


"Wow. Okay...who are the other three agents?"

"I have no idea."

"Okay. When do we leave?" she asks.

"When I find the other agents. Forget about bakery take me home please." I said with a tired voice.

"Okay girly." she said. When we got to my apartment I ask her if she wanted to come inside.

"Nah. You're tired and I just called S to tell him about me in the mission.So I have to pick up the packet for the mission. Night!"

"Night." I said. When I was inside I slide down my door. Who else? Who else is good for this mission? Jacky? Yeah she is good. Who else? Alejandra? Um mm.... yeah she is fast. Ixtzel? Hopefully they will say yes. I got up from the floor and called the girls. Of course they said yes. I told them to meet me at Starbucks,but I never thought that I was going to see him there. 

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