this is my first movella so i really don't know how to write movellas. Please don't hate on it. Thanks :)

Esme Falls is a 18 year old that has a very special life. What happens when she meets with her childhood lover? Will this ruin her future? Read to find out.


7. Hello...Again

When the girls and I got in the plane I see that there wasn't many people. I look at the number of my seat and starting looking for it.When I found my seat I see a guy with brown hair sitting next to my seat. I look a little closer and I see Harry as well. I sigh and clear my voice.The guys turn to face me. "Um excuse me, but is that seat taken?" I ask in my most sweet voice.

"Yes...by my foot." he said as he puts his right foot on the seat.

I look at him at him a little closer and now I know who he is. Louis Tomlinson. "Well." I said as I turn to find the girls.

A fight attendant came over to me. "Is there a problem here?"

"Oh no just looking for a seat and my friends." I said.

My phone buzzes and I look at it. 'Me and the girls took a seat with Liam,Niall and Zayn.'

'Ok. Thats good. Imma sit with Harry and Louis.'

'Kay.' I turn to the boys that were looking at me.

"May I please sit down on the free seat that is right there?" I ask the flight lady and the boys while pointing to the seat. The flight lady just nodded and left.

"Why should we let you sit here?" ask Louis with an attitude.

I put my hands at two seats and lean into Louis and Harry.

"Give me one more time your little attitude I swear I will hurt you so bad you won't be able to sing or do anything. Now move superstar I don't have time for your bullshit." I said to Louis.

Harry and Louis look at me with wide eyes. I sigh angrily and look down. "MOVE!" I yell at I look at Louis in the eye.

Louis jumps and gets out of the way so I could sit. I look at him with a smile. "Thank you. Now that wasn't hard. Was it?" I said as I sat down.

I saw Harry and Louis still staring at me.

"Esme?"asked Harry.

"The one and only." I answer with a smile.

"You're going to England?"



shrug my shoulder. "I need to change. So why not." I said.

"Oh.Where are you staying?"

"I have a house close to the woods."

"Why close to the woods?"

"Because I like the wild life." I said.

Harry smile a small smile while Louis started to laugh loud. I look at him weird.

"Why are you laughing?" I ask Louis.

"Because...I...could...just... image...you...in...the...woods...poor...animals." he said between laughs.

I just roll my eyes to him. I get my phone and earphones and put Runaway Baby by Bruno Mars. I get  comfortable in my seat and close my eyes. A few seconds later I fell asleep.                                                                                                                     -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Hey everybody!!! I'm so sorry I haven't been updating. Too lazy and had a LOT of homework...so yeah. One more thing! If you haven't heard Runaway Baby by Bruno Mars I recommended it. :)  

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