The Game

When One Direction is on break Zayn decides to take the lads to one of his friends softball game. Kylie Medina is normal 18 year old teen who loves to play softball with her best friend Keyanna Flores who happens to be Zayn Maliks friend but in that one game that the band comes to see them play everything changes and has its ups and downs. Which one of the boys will fall for her or should i say how many and who will fall for her?
(this fanfic happens in summer 2013 so Harry is 19 already)


6. She smells like apples green apples

Louis P.O.V

We enter the park and walk to field 4 were Kylie and Keyanna will be playing.

Welcome to the Softball Major league Championship 

              Golden Speed vs Matrix

Reads a hug banner thats is hanging at the entrance of the park.

"Hey whats Keyannas teams name?" i ask

"Golden speed" he answers. We get to the benches and then we see Kylie and Keyanna walkinh towards us.

"Hi" Keyanna greats us and hugs us.

"Hello" Kylie says with her sweet voice she puts her bag down and walks to us and hugs us. When i hug her i get to smell her hair. Awwww smells like green apples. I let go of her and she leaves to get ready.

Nialls P.O.V

Shes just flawles her hair is up in a pony tail and she looks so cute in her uniform  The way she says hi and the way she smells. I watch her go back to what seems to be the big out and gets ready.

"So you guys catch something from last thing?" Liam asks

"Yup its all up there" I respond but i really dont know what he has just said.

"Niall do you want to go buy something for us" Zayn asks 

"Yeah Hazza come with me" i stand up and Harry follows me.

Harrys P.O.V 

She is so beautiful and she smells good. Im such a weirdo i actually smell her and she smells like green apples. I walk behind Niall. 

"What do u think Louis wants?" Niall asks

"I dont now just get anything" I look behind me and see a boy about 12 years old. He stares at me and then i think realizes who i am and tugs who i think is hes sister. I quickly turn around and help Niall with the things. I take one last look back and the girl is still looking at my. I give her a smile and she smiles back.

"Here you go guys" Niall puts the things down in front of the lads. Me and Niall sit on the first bench. Soon after some minutes the teams get out on the field and warm up.

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