The Game

When One Direction is on break Zayn decides to take the lads to one of his friends softball game. Kylie Medina is normal 18 year old teen who loves to play softball with her best friend Keyanna Flores who happens to be Zayn Maliks friend but in that one game that the band comes to see them play everything changes and has its ups and downs. Which one of the boys will fall for her or should i say how many and who will fall for her?
(this fanfic happens in summer 2013 so Harry is 19 already)


4. not the only one that likes Kylie

(sorry  if its short i wanted to describe how the boys feel)

Harry's P.O.V

 I see her coming toward us. I can now see how she really looks like. Beautiful hazel eyes long brown hair and I great smile. She walks in front of us and I can tell that she is trying her best to to scream.  "Kylie these are my friends I think you are familiar with who they are" Keyanna introduces her to us. 

"How can I not I'm a huge fan and right now I'm trying to to yell do you guys mind  if I give a quick hug?" I can see she is very nervous and SCORE.  

"Ofcourse to prob babe" Niall says she walks to Zayn then Liam following Louis Niall. And finally me. I hold her tight. She holds me tight. The boys look at me and just stear till i let go of Kylie.  

Louis P.O.V

Gosh she's so beautiful. Her eyes just shine. When she gave me a hug I did t want to let go of her. 

"It doper nice to meet you boys I'm a huge fan of the band" she steps back. 

"Well after the game I think I'm a fan of you" I say with a huge smile.

  "You don't even know the game Louis" Harry   Says and I give him a look. 

"Oh we'll that was a good home run" Niall says and we all turn to look at him

"what I learn fast"he replays

"Well thanks Niall" she responds she has the sweetest voice ever.  We walk to the car were Paul is waiting for us. Keyanna and Zayn talk about I have no idea what I'm to lost looking at Kylie. When we get to the car we say our good byes. 

Nialls P.O.V

"well I guess goodbye" I tell Kylie. She seems to be thinking to her self. 

"You you boys mind giving another hug" she smiles and we all nod. Zayns first then Liam Louis Harry and me. Hug her tight and make it kinda of awkward when intake a while to let to. I finally let go. 

"So you guys free tomorrow we have another game tomorrow" she says. 

"Aww i wish but the boys want to go back home as soon as possible so I don't-" I cut Zayn of. 

"Well on day wont hurt any one would it" I say and the rest of the guys agree. 

"Okay then I guess it's a yes tomorow here at 12:30" Keyanna says. 

"Okay then tomorrow it is" Zayn adds and the we get in to the car. I look at Kylie who is driving. She has tears coming down her check and she's smiling. We drive to the hotel and I think to myself that I'm not the only one that likes Kylie. 

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