The Game

When One Direction is on break Zayn decides to take the lads to one of his friends softball game. Kylie Medina is normal 18 year old teen who loves to play softball with her best friend Keyanna Flores who happens to be Zayn Maliks friend but in that one game that the band comes to see them play everything changes and has its ups and downs. Which one of the boys will fall for her or should i say how many and who will fall for her?
(this fanfic happens in summer 2013 so Harry is 19 already)


7. I search for the ball in the air that has just few over the tall fence.

Kylies P.O.V

This is what it all comes down to. Just one home run and we win the championship. Just one more hit and of course I have to be the hitter. I try to relax as I make my way to the batter’s box. At this point of the game no one is seated everyone is standing. People from other games happening have even have came to watch me win or lose. I look towards the bleaches were the boys are all out of their seats. I look back at Keyanna who gives me a cheeky smile making me feel comfortable. I stand there and laterally feel my knees shake. While the pitcher gets ready I stand there terrified to death about what about happen. When the pitcher is ready I hold up my bat and get a good grip on it. ‘No matter what swing with all your force’ I say to myself. The girl releases the ball and it’s a strike.

“Its okay Kylie” my couch yells from the digout.

“You could do it” Keyanna yells. I turn around and give them a smile making them believe I’m confident about this when actually im not a bit. The girl pitches the ball once more and it’s a ball ball strike ball. At this point everyone is just yelling and trying to encourage me.

“GO KYLIE!” a familiar voice yells and of course its Louis.

“YOU COULD DO IT KYLIE!” Niall yells right after Louis.

“KYLIE!” Harry yells. Soon after then Liam and Zayn join them on cheering. Surprisingly no one recognizes their voices. This makes my smile in laughter. Who would know that one day my idols One Direction would me cheering me on in a softball game instead of me cheering them in one of their concerts?

“Ready?” the empire asks me and I nod in respond. The girl with the pitcher seems as nervous as me. The girl swings her arm in a fan form brings her hand under and releases the bright green ball. Just as the ball is release everything is in slow motion for me. All I can think of is that One Direction is watching me. I then snap out of it direct my attention to the ball. The ball is only a couple of inches away from me. I wait for the ball and swing my bat as hard as I have ever. The vibration of the ball hitting the bat greets me. I drop my bat and run to 1st without looking back. I then hear the whole team and everyone cheer with screams. I search for the ball in the air that has just few over the tall fence. I stop for a second and jump up in the air of happiness. I keep walking towards the bases. When I get on third I see my whole team at the batter’s box ready to jump on me. I walk towards the large group and we all start jumping up and down like like five years olds when a piñata has just been broken.

“Kylie!” Jackie and Keyanna yell at me and I turn around. As I turn around I feel lots of icy cold water fall down all over my body.

“We won baby!” Keyanna yells as I jump into her arms and hug her tight. After minutes of us celebrating they bring out the team trophy. They them bring out my trophy that reads “Kylie Medina #1 2013”. #1 is my number. After the trophies are out we all start to clean up. When we are all done I walk out and my brothers friends and my parents hug me. I then meet Keyanna who is the the boys.

“Congratulations!” the boys all yell at the same time hug my in a group hug.

“Thanks guys” I thank them.

“I was just inviting the boys to go eat dinner to celebrate our victory yeah” Keyanna explains to me.

“Yeah of course” I replay with joy. We walk towards the exit of the park and we talk to the boys about were to meet and have dinner. They then leave and so do we. Keyanna and me go back to the hotel. I take a shower and then get ready.


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