The Game

When One Direction is on break Zayn decides to take the lads to one of his friends softball game. Kylie Medina is normal 18 year old teen who loves to play softball with her best friend Keyanna Flores who happens to be Zayn Maliks friend but in that one game that the band comes to see them play everything changes and has its ups and downs. Which one of the boys will fall for her or should i say how many and who will fall for her?
(this fanfic happens in summer 2013 so Harry is 19 already)


3. Getting confidents on the boys

Kylie's P.O.V
I look at Keyanna who is in 1st and she just smiles at me. I focus on the pitcher she release the ball and its a ball. (ball is that the ball is to low or high for you to hit it so it's a point for the batter)

"GOOD EYE!" everyone yells. I turn around and look at the guys and they just smile. I'm trying my best to not yell. The next pitch is ball and then strike and ball and finally strike and I'm stuck with full count. The pitcher release the ball and I swing. While I swing I say to my self 'no you idiot that's a ball' I can't stop I swing as hard as I can and all I feel is vibration. I open my eyes and see that I've hit the ball at least to the grass. I run to first and on my way to second I realize I had just hit a home run. I slow down and everyone is cheering. As I walk home a look at the Zayn and the rest and they are cheering. This makes me laugh cas they have no idea what just happened. I make it home I take my helmet of and walk to the digout. I take one more look at the band and see them steering at me. 

"good job see you did great" Keyanna walks to me putting her catching gear on and I take my gloves of. 

"yeah because I was nervous" I tie my clicks (softball shoes)

"Well hope your even more nervous" she hands me my pitching glove. 

"What do you mean?"I ask

"I saw the fields order your pitching" my heart skips a beat. 

"No I'm not ready" i say. 

"Kylie  your going to be fine and remember what happened last time you argued with Desire" she smiles. (desire is the couch). When it's our time out in the field Desire tells me I'm pitcher so I do as said. I walk to the center and breathe I look at the boys and smile. I look at Keyanna's glove and let go of the ball. The ball hits the fence hiting right in front of the boys. I run for the ball. 

"Sorry" I whisper as I get the ball. 

"No problem love" Niall Louis Harry say at the same time and i chuckle. I walk back and we start. I open my arm and release the ball. Keyanna catches it and throws it back. 

"YOUR OKAY RIGHT TO MY GLOVE KYLIE" she yells I look at the boys. I step back open my arm and get distracted by the boys and then release. 'Shit' I whisper. I follow the ball and it turns out to be a strike. 

"JUST LIKE THAT KYLIE RIGHT THERE" Keyanna throws the ball back. This time I look at the band and the release and walla a strike. For the whole time I think of One Direction and strike everyone out. When I go up to hit I'm not as nervous.  I get some good hits. When I pitch I get more confidents. When the game is over we win  27-13.  I even get the game ball. We all get in the digout and start to clean up. I grab my bag and put my bat my  catching glove my bating gloves my other catching glove and I grab my Jordan's and put them on and then put my clicks in the bag. I grab my glasses and my water. 

"KYLIE COME OVER HERE" Keyanna yells from the far side of the park. I look at her and see that the band is with her. I walk out the digout crossing my fingers and hoping that I don't act like a idiot
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