Is he mr.right?

This is a love story where two individuals meet unexpectedly and have a difficult time with their relationship! So is he Mr.Right?


3. The move

The next morning I woke up to a phone call! I didn't know who it was! I answered and it was Harry, he said "morning beautiful!" I woke up like that for the whole week!

2 weeks later

Harry didn't really ask me if I wanted to be his girlfriend or not, but we are together which made no sense to me but I was ok with it! I moved out of my dads house and bought my own flat in London! Harry drive me to and from school every day and I really liked it! After about a week at my new house I foun out the whole band lived either above or below me!!! Which was great for me, cause I could hang out with my 5 new best friends at any time I wanted! The only problem is that I have walked in on every single one naked almost ten times and it's kind of getting annoying! But I'm getting used to it at the same time! Harry sorta moved into my new house cause he is constantly staying over night and eating with me! I'm fine with it of course but he is only one floor up!

(*authors note:
Sorry this one is short I didn't have more than a couple minutes to write so I thought I would just do a quick update on what's happening! I will do more activity tomorrow! Thank you for the views and please keep reading it will start to get more interesting within the next couple chapters!)
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