Is he mr.right?

This is a love story where two individuals meet unexpectedly and have a difficult time with their relationship! So is he Mr.Right?


2. The meeting

When we got to the tall glass building where my dad has all of his meetings! The boys were already there in the room #32! Their names are Louis Harry Zayn Liam and Niall! My dad said " hello boys my name is Paul and this is my daughter Karlee!" I did one of those smal little waves you do when you are super nervous and don't want to embarrass yourself! All of the boys said hello and shook my dads hand and gave me a hug! They all were warm and I immediately felt commfortable talking to them and even sitting with them! When we all got into conversation I could tell how strong their accents were and I thought it was very attractive! By the time the meeting was done the boys decided to take my dad and I out for lunch to nialls favourite restaurant, nandos it was really good as always! After lunch Harry asked me for my phone number and told me I looked beautiful! Obviously I returned the compliment by telling he looked good to! We exchanged phone numbers! When I got home my phone rang, I hadn't made a contact for Harry yet so I didn't know who it was, but I answered it! I was on speaker, all the boys were there except Harry, they stole his phone and as we talked I got all their #'s! By the time we got off the phone it was dinner time and I ended up eating pizza then going to bed! I thought about the day and I fell asleep smiling!
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