Is he mr.right?

This is a love story where two individuals meet unexpectedly and have a difficult time with their relationship! So is he Mr.Right?


1. Gettin ready

I woke up and really wante to go back to sleep but then I realized that today was the meeting! The meeting was with my dads new clients, he manages bands and actors, anyway he said if I was ready on time I could tag along but I couldn't be all fangirly about the new band! The bands name is one direction, I didnt really know about them that much because they were a new band but not for long if my dad had anything to do with it! I started to get ready, Igot dressed in a purple button down with white jeans, a dainty pinky pearl necklace, black flats, and some silver hoop earrings! My hair was tied back neatly in a tight bun, I added a little purple flower Barrett right infront of the bun! I walked downstairs and had breakfast, I waited patiently for my dad for about ten minutes and then we left for the meeting!
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