All I Need Is Love

“You deserve better, Claire. You know that right?” Harry said.
I thought about that for a second. And without looking into his eyes, I responded.
“I guess I just accepted it because I thought I deserved it,” I took a deep breath as I felt the tears start to form. “But I just can’t believe I lost him.”
He scooted a little closer to me, so that our knees were touching.
“Answer me this. How could you lose something that you never even had?” he said softly.
Now I looked at him.
“That’s why it hurts so much. Because I stood there and made him my everything, when in reality, he treated me like nothing. And I lost myself trying to hold on to someone who didn’t really care about losing me.”


2. The Best of Friends...I Think?

“Claire, I’m so hungry!” Niall whined.

                “You just ate!” I said.

                “That was just a snack! Will you take me to Nandos? Pweeeaaase?” he made a puppy dog face as he took my pen from my hand.

                I had been working on my homework because I am currently in college. Niall doesn’t go to college because of One Direction. That’s one reason why we don’t hang out much anymore. We have always been the best of friends, but even though I promised to always support Niall in whatever he chooses to do, his stupid band is tearing us apart.

                “We don’t have to get Nandos, you know. We could get pizza,” he said while elbowing me in my side.

                Pizza was me and Niall’s favorite food. Pizza is actually how we became friends.

                I was five years old and it was my very first day of kindergarten.

                “Hi! Welcome to my classroom! What’s your name, Sweetie?” my new over-excited teacher beamed.

                “Um…Claire,” I said while sheepishly hiding behind my parents.

                “Claire! What a beautiful name! Come with me, Darling. Don’t be shy! You’re in good hands.”

                She was definitely a creeper.

                My parents handed me my lunch and told me to be polite and listen to my teacher. Then I kissed them goodbye as this crazy lady led me towards a table with two desks; with one already occupied.

                “Claire, this is Niall. Niall, this is Claire. You two will be sitting next to each other from now on, so try to be friends. Now, for your first assignment I want you to draw a picture of your favorite food. Be creative! By the way, Claire, my name is Mrs. Amy,” she explained before she moved on to the next student.

                I bashfully took my seat next to Niall. He was really cute. He had bright blond hair and piercing blue eyes that made me feel like I was staring into the ocean. It was filled with mystery and depth. It made me wonder.

                “What are you gonna draw?” he asked, just as shy as me.


                He shot up. “No way! Pizza’s my favorite too!” he said.

                I thought about it for a moment, and then I asked, ”Hey you wanna be friends?”

                “Yeah! Best friends,” he said while holding out his left pinky. I wrapped mine around his and I instantly felt it. I think I’m in love.

                “So what do you say, Claire? Pizza?” Niall asked, snapping me back to reality.

                Sadly, the feelings I had created towards Niall haven’t changed since then. And even worse, Niall has a girlfriend that he’s “madly in love with”.

If only he knew.

“What? Oh…yeah. Pizza it is,” I looked anywhere but his eyes. For they have a power so strong, that it makes me fall even deeper in love every time I catch a glance at them.

The door flung open, startling Niall and I and making a tiny hole in the wall.

“What is up my bitches?!”

“Harry, you’re drunk” Niall said while walking over to him and guiding him to the table.

Crap. I absolutely hate Harry. I don’t just hate him because he’s a total manwhore and he’s practically a bad boy, but I hate him because there isn’t a time when he isn’t insulting me. And I absolutely hate it when he calls me-



“Nice to see you again too, Harry” I said sarcastically.

“Wow! You gain weight more and more every time I see you,” he said while practically falling out of his chair.

“Shut up, Mate. That’s not exactly nice,” Niall butted in.

“Who said I had to be nice to Hairy Clairy? Ugh, and some make up would be nice. Make sure to put on a lot. We wouldn’t want to actually see your hideous face, now would we?” Harry replied.

He took another swig of his beer and all Niall did was look at the floor and scratch his head. He didn’t even stand up for me; like a good friend would.

So, I walked out of his apartment, without any consent. I could hear Niall screaming my name, telling me to come back. I almost turned around, until I heard Harry snickering. I wasn’t going to take this any longer. Harry Styles has put my life through hell ever since the day I met him. I don’t know what this means though- will I have to leave my best friend forever?

There has to be another way.

But for now, I am escaping. I don’t know where I am going, but I am escaping. I guess I’ll just go wherever the wind is willing to take me.


“Claire?” a familiar voice asked.

It was a girl. She sat down next to where I was huddled under a big oak tree. Yes, the wind led me to a giant oak tree.

“Lea-leave me alone. Go away,” I said.

I turned my face away from her, so she couldn’t see the drops of water pouring from my eyes.

“Claire, it’s me, Lilly. Just calm down, okay? Did Harry do this to you again?” she said while putting her hand on my shoulder.

I reluctantly pulled away. It was Niall’s girlfriend. How did she know what Harry does to me? Does Niall just walk around telling everyone my secrets now?

“No, I’m fine I swear. I would like to be left alone now,” I lied.

“I’m not leaving until you tell me what’s really wrong,” Lilly retorted.

“Fine, then I’ll leave.” I got up and left her sitting there, under the tree, astounded at what just happened.

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