All I Need Is Love

“You deserve better, Claire. You know that right?” Harry said.
I thought about that for a second. And without looking into his eyes, I responded.
“I guess I just accepted it because I thought I deserved it,” I took a deep breath as I felt the tears start to form. “But I just can’t believe I lost him.”
He scooted a little closer to me, so that our knees were touching.
“Answer me this. How could you lose something that you never even had?” he said softly.
Now I looked at him.
“That’s why it hurts so much. Because I stood there and made him my everything, when in reality, he treated me like nothing. And I lost myself trying to hold on to someone who didn’t really care about losing me.”


7. Mysteries

I slowly opened the door to mine and Harry’s shared hotel room. I was afraid to touch anything. Everything was white. And new. The living room was fairly large with two white couches surrounding a giant flat screen TV and a white coffee table in the middle of it. The kitchen consisted of everything normally in a kitchen, except it was all white. There was one bedroom, but it held two beds (thank God), one dresser, a giant walk-in closet, and a huge bathroom. The only flaw was that there was no lock on the bathroom door. And the shower walls were clear. As in see-through. As in people could burst through that door whenever they wanted and see me in all my glory.

“Shot gun!” Harry yelled as he jumped on the bed closest to the bathroom.

“You can’t call shot gun on a bed. That’s my spot I got here first!” I said. I walked over to him and tried to push him off but he stood his grounds and didn’t budge.

“Wow….you’re…..strong….” I grunted, continuing my efforts.

A huge grin spread across his face, showing off his dimples. I took his arm and twisted it around, trying to get him to let go, but he just reflexed and threw his body on top of mine. I slapped him across the face, wiping his smirk right off. Now he was mad. He took a pillow and smothered my face with it, trying to do only God knows what. Then I bent my leg forcefully upward and hit his groin hard. He immediately let go and grabbed his privates, screeching in pain.

“Guess I won this time,” I smirked out of breath.

He let out a couple of deep breaths and cracked his left eye open a little. And with one simple swipe of his arm he threw me off the bed and onto the floor, making me hit my head hard on the bedside table. I felt an instant sharp pain as I felt something warm trickle down my forehead. I rested my hand on my head and started losing my vision. I saw the brief image of blood cover my eye as I heard the faint noises of Harry calling my name. and then everything went black.

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